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Olaplex: The Industry Speaks

Every day, Olaplex helps hair professionals around the world to write amazing success stories in their salons. How can Olaplex help you today? Here are some testimonials.​

“The success of our business is dependent on new technologies, to create new markets and opportunities. Olaplex does exactly that and more, allowing us to do services that were impossible two years ago.”

- Stav Dimitriadis, MD of Twincare, new distributors of Olaplex in South Africa.

“Olaplex gives me peace of mind knowing I can push the boundaries further when working with powerful chemicals, allowing me to perform a wider range of services on a wider range of clients.” - Stoffel van Wyk, owner of Foil, Sandton.

"Olaplex is an amazing product which allows hairstylists to achieve colour that has never been achievable without compromising the hair. It keeps the hair in a healthy state during and after the colour process." - Kirsten, Hair on Edge, Durban.

"Olaplex is like the egg that holds the meatball together in a hot pan! It holds the hair intact and conditions it, and provides insurance for you to take more calculated risks!" - Anita, Hair @ the Hub, Centurion.

“Olaplex is a fantastic bond builder!” – Donne Christof, Bscene Hairdesign by Donne, Durban​

"You can cocktail other treatments with Olaplex Step 3 for amazing results. Hair is silky, soft, shiny and delicious!" - Brekkels Botha, 50 Buckingham, Craighall Park.

“I of course love using it on my blondes, but I have also found it’s extremely beneficial for clients with fine hair that struggle to hold onto color. The Olaplex really locks in the color, making it fade-resistant.” – Stormy Vaughn, USA

“There isn’t a client I touch without Olaplex. It has changed my work and my clients love it. Forever grateful!” – Lea Arpell, USA

For more information contact Twincare on 011 305 1600.​

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