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Beaver Tail Hairstyles

You might not know that beaver tail hairstyles are a “thing”. But they are... a thing of awfulness!

Whereas dreadlocks are formed by carefully twisting the hair and training it over months and years, beaver tail hairstyles (named because they resemble the long, flat tail of a beaver), are formed by simply neglecting the hair. No washing, no brushing - simply leaving it to gradually form a thick mat over the years.

Naturally, this hairstyle is very unhygienic. The separation of dreadlocks allows for airflow which enables the natural clearing of flakes and dandruff from the scalp – but hair in one long clump means the scalp festers with retained skin flakes, sweat and oil.

The clumped hair can become so long it drags on the floor, further attracting dirt. Hair that is left unwashed for a year can become five times heavier than hair which is properly washed and combed, so the beaver tail also pulls on the scalp, causing irritation and hair loss.

Yes, a beaver tail hairstyle is a powerful counter cultural statement – but it has many health risks and adverse consequences. Let’s hope it never catches on here in South Africa.

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