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Horse Shampoo - Yay or Neigh?

Janine Theron from Icon Hair uncovers some home truths for those clients who are riding the horse shampoo trend…

In recent years, the trend to use horse shampoo has grown together with our fascination with these regal animals. The internet is filled with recommendations of clients that believe their hair is growing faster and thicker, with smoother results because of horse shampoo such as Mane & Tail. Is there any reason not to use horse shampoo? This is the information that you need to help your clients differentiate between horse shampoo and salon approved products.

The natural coarseness and structure of horse hair, is much stronger and thicker than human hair. Therefore, a higher concentration of ingredients must be used. Horse shampoos are made for hair and skin exposed to natural harsh elements such as sun, rain, mud, urine and faeces. Horse shampoo is a strong clarifying shampoo and use ingredients such as Diethanolamide to remove the dirt when horses are covered in mud. Fine human hair can become brittle from a strong clarifying shampoo.

To create the glossy shine, ingredients in horse shampoo must coat each follicle with silicones, glycerine, lanolin and fat extracted from wool to weigh down the hair. These ingredients will over time cause a buildup on normal human hair. Furthermore, Citronella and aroma oils may be used as a natural insect repellent, which are also not needed for human hair.

Most importantly, is the pH difference... in humans 5.5 and horses 7-7.5. Thus, horse shampoo will be more alkaline. When colouring human hair, it is recommended to keep the cuticle sealed by using an acidic shampoo. Thus, horse shampoo won’t assist in maintaining professional hair colour as it is too alkaline and will contribute to colour loss.

The best recommendation is ensuring that professional approved salon products are used. These were designed for pre-lighted, permed, coloured or straightened hair. Clients can be reassured that their hair stylist is an expert, and understands the needs of their hair after any chemical service.





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