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Elumen New Looks - Creativity Unleashed

Three talented creative colourists - Nicola Smyth (UK), Nick Moore-Perez (USA) and Hardy Tsai (Taiwan), took up the challenge to create the new Elumen looks for 2017.

Unleashed Blonde: Clear, saturated pastels filter through an ultra-light blonde, with the pastels situated within the model’s layered bob to accentuate the perimeter of the shape.

Unleashed Copper: The inspiration for this look was a peacock feather – bright, bold exotic colours emerging from a warm saturated red. The colour is distributed in large panels to provide bursts of colour that move and merge with the bob cut.

Unleashed Brunette: The inspiration was iridescent colour against a soft neutral brown. The extra-long fringe is the focus area of the iridescent story, concentrating all the colour in the length, while leaving the undercut darker.

Elumen’s Brilliance

Goldwell’s legendary Elumen colour offers powerful, vivid, ultra-shiny and long lasting results with a repairing effect. "I've never seen a colour more brilliant than Elumen," says Hardy Tsai. The physical magnetic effect and penetration system of the unique Elumen technology cause the direct dyes to penetrate deep into the hair and be permanently fixed without the need for ammonia and oxidants. There are no limits to stylists' creativity with a total of 29 intermixable shades for an endless spectrum of colours. From dazzling blond and brilliant brown through to vibrant shades such as pink, violet and turquoise – Elumen delivers any desired colour.

How are you going to use Elumen creatively on your clients today?

Visual credits: Credit: GOLDWELL Hair: Hardy Tsai, Nicola Smyth, Nick Moore-Perez Make-up: Loni Bauer Photographer: Markus Jans Styling: Ingo Nahrwold Creative Director: John Moroney

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