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International Inspiration from Ibiza Hair

“We should be setting trends for the entire world.”

Adrian Rotolo, Technical and Education Director of Ibiza Hair in Australia, talks about trendsetting in the southern hemisphere, interpreting trends, and finding inspiration

After training as a dancer and attending an arts-focused high school, Adrian Rotolo channelled his passion for art, painting and colour into a hairdressing career. He developed his skills at a colour specialist salon called Yellow Strawberry in Adelaide, before moving to Melbourne and teaming up with close friend and business partner Michael Piastrino, to grow Ibiza Hair. Today, this is a salon of passionate, driven hairdressers – some of Melbourne’s best – who will push boundaries, break rules to be heard and be the best they can be, day in, day out.

Hairnews: As an Education/Technical Director in the southern hemisphere, what do you feel about following Northern hemisphere trends – or should we be setting the trends for them?

Adrian: We should be setting trends for the entire world. Hair really is a medium in which colours and styles can be re-interpreted and re-worked globally to suit seasonal change and fashion.

Hairnews: What influencing factors outside of hairdressing do you look at when trend forecasting?

Adrian: Inspiration can arise from so many different places – Milan, Japan... but for me lately it’s been my nieces and nephews! My 5-year-old niece has the most beautiful hair colour I have ever seen. Natural chestnut with sun-kissed highlights! I noticed the way her hair would reflect in the sunlight. I want to create that exact look for my clients. That is the colour I look for when I'm about to rinse my colours after processing.

Hairnews: What is your goal when working in the salon and training other hairdressers?

Adrian: I want to encourage other hairdressers to discover new ways of looking at and working with colour, and hopefully contribute to the overall progression of colour creativity in our industry. Hopefully my art is an inspiration to others that motivates new ways of thinking.

Hairnews: Going into spring-summer, what do you think will be the biggest trends in hair colour?

Adrian: There's an updated and punchier version of balayage. New forms of metallic hair and specific shades of natural hair colours are in store for this year.

At Ibiza we’re looking to ‘effortless style and colour’; natural dark bases warmed up with fiery pieces and accent tones, bringing to life the more natural styles and accentuating these through colour.

Hairnews: What about cutting and styling?

Adrian: Wet look lengths and crazy curls are ahead in the coming months. We’re also embracing a subtly in movement and softness, allowing each individual’s natural strength to shine, confident in their own individuality and sense of style.

Hairnews: How do you help each client interpret the trends in a way that suits them and their needs?

Adrian: We take into account each individual client’s lifestyle, face shape, hair type/condition and can modify a trend to suit this. We will always be honest in our approach to what is achievable for the client. Colour techniques are chosen to highlight the cut/style of the hair, with subtlety and naturalness of the colour a key objective.

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