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Groomed Academy Giveaway

Groomed Academy, headed up by fashion and hair icon Eric Way, is giving away a fabulous Hot Towel Cut Throat Shaving Course to one lucky and deserving hairdresser. This course is available either in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

This course is a full day,

in-depth course that will teach you the art form of hot towel shaving, a service that is ultra-fashionable and in demand. You will learn the steps of the traditional wet shave, and then work on four live models supplied by you or the academy, doing shaves and clipper touch ups. By the end of the course you will be proficient in cutthroat shaving at a professional standard.

To enter this giveaway, email eric@groomedacademy.co.za with your name and contact number. Entries close Monday 3 July.

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