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Wahl Clipper Inspiration

This fabulous fade from Elvis the Barber was chosen for Wahl Professional’s Fresh Cut Friday inspiration on Friday the 13th, no less!

Fresh Cut Friday is the chance for stunning barber and clipper work from all over the country to be showcased for the industry to share. Because Wahl’s tools equip professionals with the best they need to do great work! Tag your styles using #ionlyusewahl and #freshcutfriday and your work could be featured here, too!

Here’s what Wahl Professional had to say:

IT’S #freshcutfriday 💥🔥 and @elvis_thebarber is topping the charts with this one 🏆

@elvis_thebarber always delivers perfect fades and surreal lines 〰

We appreciate your support and many shoutouts!

Happy Friday, fam 🍾

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