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Veaudry International - Back to the Future

At Veaudry, we have a different mindset.

We believe in the future: now that we are getting back to the real future we had planned before the pandemic interrupted. We can focus on the plans we intended, with all the potential and hope of moving forward. No more fear – only dedication and focus on building and taking back the future we deserve!

Veaudry Cares

Our passion is our salons. At Veaudry we believe in building strong business relationships that will ensure the success of every salon with whom we partner. Our goal is to see you succeed.

Over 600 salons in two years, for just muk alone in South Africa, have already made the switch to Veaudry International.

Veaudry International is one of the fastest growing suppliers of professional hair and beauty products in South Africa. At Veaudry, we offer ALL our amazing salons and supporters the same incredible service and support regardless of your size and status. We believe that to build this industry together and take back our future, all our customers are equally important!


Established in 2006, the Veaudry ethos has remained that people are more important than the products themselves. This touchstone means our goal is boosting your salon’s profitability, through great customer service, support, training, and exceptional product performance. This clearly has rung a bell with our clients - Veaudry has expanded rapidly from our roots in East London into the distribution network across South Africa, with warehousing in Johannesburg, depots in multiple locations across SA, all to support our partner salons and distributors.

Veaudry International is the exclusive distributors for Veaudry, muk, and DS Laboratories in South Africa.

Veaudry now has studios in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, where we offer education courses on all our brands.

For more information on who we are and the brands we distribute please visit:


Our Vision Statement: we are BIG enough to support you and small enough to HEAR you.

We are the perfect combination of exceptional professional service that not only listens and hears your voice and your concerns but produces solutions.

We are known in the industry as a family-run business that cares for people and makes things happen.

How can we assist you in growing your business and building your future? Contact us and let’s talk! (



In 2012 we opened our gorgeous French inspired Veaudry Icon Salon in Johannesburg – our brand’s flagship hair and beauty salon and concept store. As salon-owners ourselves, we believe that our experience and attention to detail make us a company that truly understands what you as salon owners and stylists need from a brand.

Veaudry International has over 300 products across the Veaudry, muk & DS Laboratories ranges, making us a full service brand for your salon:

Full Technical offering (colour, 9 level bleach, treatments and more)

Full Retail homecare products

Professional, internationally recognised heat styling salon tools


Veaudry believes that education is not only life-long but should be fun too!

We host regular educational courses and demonstrations for consumers and industry professionals at our studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg. It’s the first of its kind in the industry, where a supplier has a fully operational and trading hair salon allowing clients and consumers to directly engage the brand through complimentary workshops. Have fun, enjoy and learn – all while growing your business’ future!

We were the first in the industry to launch the very popular PLAYDATES to the trade!

We don’t do boring demos in your salon - we love what we do and we have fun while doing it. Our muk educators regularly schedule Playdates as an exciting and interactive, fun opportunity to showcase the brand right in the comfort of your salon.

Click HERE for the link to our playdates dating back to 2018 - so if anyone else offers “Playdates” we will take that as a compliment 😉

Shampoo and Champagne Days - Why not Add some Class to your Client Experience Days?

In the words of Charles Dickens, “Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life”.

For us at Veaudry International, we enjoy bringing this elegant extra to our time spent in salons with you and your clients, while they engage with our brands and ambassadors. These extravagant moments can be booked through your local Sales Ambassador.

Online Salon Registration

Paperless Salon Profile Application – At Veaudry we were the first in the industry to create a paperless salon profile application all done on your cellphone:

quick, easy and painless

no printing or scanning

you can simply open a profile within 5 minutes.

No more tedious paperwork – working with us is simple, easy and smooth.

Click HERE to open your profile today.

Everything we do for you is created to make your life as a stylist and salon-owner easy, painless and efficient.


Online Order platform – At Veaudry, we were the first in the industry to launch an online ordering platform all done on your cellphone or computer:

Stockmaster Ordering Platform – This is the future!

You’re so used to ordering food and Uber on your cell – why not your salon orders?

Place your own orders when it suits you, (you can start and stop your order – so when the salon gets busy you can attend to your clients a return to the order and pick up where you left off at any time)

it’s fast and very user friendly

Jump the order queue

See when your orders are captured

Historical purchases in detail

Identify HOT Products (we show you the top sellers )

Deals / Promotions are all visible


If you should prefer that more personal interaction, we still have our wonderful sales ambassadors who can assist you with in-depth discussion of exactly what you need! It is completely in your hands.

Email us to schedule a Sales Ambassador's visit:

Collection Depots

If you are in urgent need of stock and cannot wait for the courier to get to you, we have opened 2 locations where you can pop in and collect your orders and enjoy a complimentary coffee.

Veaudry International Johannesburg

Unit D1 The Gantry, Witkoppen Road, Lonehill, JHB ( opp Monte Casino )

Google Maps LINK.

Veaudry International Cape Town

Unit 4 Highway Park, Northgate Estate, Brooklyn, CT

Google Maps LINK.

In the News! Hairnews Awards

We are very proud and honored to have been nominated for several of the Hairnews Awards 2022:

• Best Service and Support - Vote HERE

• Best Treatment / Repair product - Vote HERE

• Best Hair Regrowth Range - Vote HERE

• Best Industry Educator (Candi, Rene and Miriam) - Vote HERE

We would like to thank the Industry for your nomination and support, we would love to take this award home and continue to offer the industry only the best from Veaudry International.

Tel: 0114654370


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