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Vaccine Myths - Was the Covid-19 Vaccine Developed Too Quickly?

Making an Informed Decision about Vaccination – What you need to know

A Vaccinated Industry is a Safe, Sustainable and Successful Industry

Vaccine Myths -Was the Covid-19 Vacc Developed Too Quickly?

From Disco to Grunge to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball to Adele

We know so many still have concerns and questions regarding getting themselves and their families vaccinated. With all these valid worries about the vaccination programme, we’re always on the lookout for useful discussions that can help us understand all the pieces of the puzzle we have to sort and put together! Let’s see what the facts say.

The Covid-19 vaccine is unsafe because it was developed so quickly.


Since their discovery in the 1960s, companies have been researching making mRNA vaccines since the era of Disco in the 70s and 80s. Keep in mind that some of the first real mRNA vaccines were even more seriously investigated against SARS-CoV-1 in 2003-2004. A groundbreaking mRNA vacc against rabies in humans was released in 2013, and in 2019 an mRNA vacc was successfully released against the deadly Ebola virus here in Africa.

The best way to visualise the timeframe for the Covid-19 vacc is to think from John Travolta the Disco-Master to Kurt Cobain to Miley Cyrus to Adele and Taylor Swift!

This is an excellent October 2021 article by Chris Beyrer, MD, the Desmond M. Tutu Professor of Public Health and Human Rights at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD, U.S. It includes a really brief video explainer on exactly how mRNA vaccines work.

The Long History of mRNA Vaccines

These info graphics from the article are an awesome way to see a timeline of the age of mRNA.

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We’ve asked some of our top professionals in the industry to share their thoughts with us and each week we’ll be sharing their stories for you to enjoy. If you have a positive experience you’d like to share with us on the vaccine and the differences it’s made in your personal life or your salon and with your clients’ appreciation of their salon experiences, please send to Beth at , with a photo you’d like us to use!

Industry Vaccination: Safety, Sustainability and A Return to Normality


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