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Turning Covid-19 into the Common Cold – Taming a Pandemic

Making an Informed Decision about Vaccination – What you need to know

A Vaccinated Industry is a Safe, Sustainable and Successful Industry

Throughout human history, we’ve always been threatened by diseases that often start out making a large number of the population very ill and killing a substantial fraction of those who get infected. It’s only been in the last 100 years that medical science has progressed enough that we’ve been able to enjoy healthier lives and longer lifespans as so many diseases are tamed.

It’s also very much a consequence of disease patterns in humans and animals, starting off with a bang and tapering off very slowly until a disease becomes like the common cold – something mostly children or young people will get, and that you can get without fear of hospitalisation or death. It will become “endemic”, not “pandemic” or “epidemic”. This means it becomes a virus that just lives with us as seasonal, and is no different than the common cold in the severity of disease it causes.

The biggest problem is that this takes time and may not be successful for decades (if ever, like with polio or smallpox) and this is where vaccination helps cut that timeframe down.

Our video today is an excellent discussion on how we do that with the benefit of Science and the vaccines we now have developed so well and released in the past year. Covid-19 is here to stay with us but it won’t be a killer for much longer if we keep up with being careful with social measures and sanitising and push for population level vaccination rollouts.

Safe, normal life is coming soon!

Watch video below: Turning COVID Into The Common Cold | A Doctor Explains

Here below is the scientific article in the Journal of Science that ZDoggMD discusses:

Immunological characteristics govern the transition of COVID-19 to endemicity.

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We’ve asked some of our top professionals in the industry to share their thoughts with us and each week we’ll be sharing their stories for you to enjoy. If you have a positive experience you’d like to share with us on the vaccine and the differences it’s made in your personal life or your salon and with your clients’ appreciation of their salon experiences, please send to Beth at , with a photo you’d like us to use!

Industry Vaccination: Safety, Sustainability and A Return to Normality


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