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Synergy Hair in Kloof Inspires with Competition Work and Trend Collection

By Wynand Roets

While we were still recovering from the 3rd Covid wave and the insurrection that happened in July it was hard to pick up the pieces.

Seeing we had a little time on our hands, we decided, why not get our team together and do something different from everyday in the salon? Why not enter the new EOHCB digital competition and combine it with a salon Hair collection to finish off 2021?

Personally I must say that it was a wonderful experience to work as a team, I actually cannot wait to do this again. It was great to see our team come together like this with a common goal. It gave everyone a huge confidence boost and made the team motivated and hungry to learn.

For the Inspiration of this collection we looked at 3 aspects,

For the haircuts, 70's and 80's Shags and Mullets are making a comeback, therefore that was the shapes we were looking for with their choppy layered looks, volume, curls and messiness.

For the hair colour, we looked at graffiti as it’s a visual form of communication and art, sometimes even illegal... we chose bold, expressive colour to compliment our cuts.

For clothing we chose 90's street gear look, baggy, hip-hop and grunge was the most iconic subculture of that era and brought our looks together.

There will be more from us in the next year as we loved it so much we just have to do it again!

Photo Credits

Salon: Synergyhair Kloof, KZN

Team: Wynand and Liza Roets, Connor Leadbetter, Pam Roberts and Cheriece Hattingh

Photography: Brandon Waugh Halfprint Photography

Make up: Ryan Naidoo


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