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Super Sharp Professional Blade & Scissors Sharpening: We Sharpen & Service All Types of Scissors

Hair Dressing Scissors, Thinning Shears (single & double sided), Surgical & Tailoring Scissors & Specialist Convex Scissors.

Professionally trained in the UK

Your scissors sharpened on imported specialist equipment

To service delicate hairdressing scissors correctly takes time, effort, and skill along with specialist machinery.

Full service with specialist professional scissor sharpening machines, including an 800 grit diamond wheel. For fully convex scissors we use the Hira-To® advanced single head flat hone. Each scissor is finished by hand on a Japanese water stone if appropriate. We easily service true Left-Handed Scissors and Thinners too.

We can provide a service that will restore them to as good as new status. Your Scissors and Thinning Shears are not just sharpened but fully serviced.

For just R250 your scissors will be:

  • Taken apart completely

  • Cleaned

  • Repair any damage to the cutting edges

  • Sharpened on a dedicated flat hone in four separate stages or on a specialized 800grit diamond wheel – depending on the type of scissor you have

  • Re-establish the ride line using a Japanese water stone, if appropriate

  • Polished.

  • Cleaned again

  • Oiled

  • Put back together checking all parts for any damage

  • Check and adjust the balance

  • Check and adjust the tip alignment

  • Test cut to make sure they slice right to the tip without pulling

  • If required we will replace bumpers/stoppers, pivot screws, washers, spring plates. Included in the price of a sharpening and service.

Finger ring inserts and steel finger rests are available at a small additional fee. Just shout if you need them fitted.

Located Kyalami, Midrand, Gauteng

Drop-off’s are welcome or courier is fully available for your convenience

On-site servicing at your salon available in the greater Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni with a guarantee of at least 8 pairs of scissors and/or thinning shears.

Also available to service:

Pet and Horse Clipper Blades and Pet Grooming Scissors

“ I love what I do and I am inspired to do it to the very the best of my ability always. I understand your needs and how important it is to have sharp scissors for you to provide your service, as soon as possible.”

– Darlene Mitchell-Mees

t/a Super Sharp

Please contact Darlene by WA on 083 628 4211 for quick response


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