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Styles: Everything Sucks by Javier Gomar, Spain

For the realization of this collection different techniques have been mixed. On the one hand, it is intended to reach perfection to achieve certain colors or cuts, but at the same time it simulates the limitations that anyone would have at home, if they had to follow the processes themselves. During those bizarre months, it became clear how many people tried to work different techniques without the proper knowledge or tools. If they wanted to cut their hair, they used kitchen scissors, for example. This is reflected in the collection, as in the image with the extensions in white with green, one of them is "nibbled" from front to back and the other in reverse.

What it is trying to show is the result of cutting wrong or how an extension is positioned wrong.

As for an inappropriate application of color, it is reflected in the image of purple hair, which shows the result of someone treating the color at home without spreading it well, leaving more tinted areas. The whole idea of the collection lies in using slightly mixed techniques, without pretending perfection at any time.

The looks are also inspired by the world of raves or illegal parties, where some escaped to vent and to which they came with the best look their limitations allowed. However, despite the imperfection, they achieve their goal, to be happy, even if people want to condemn them.

Hair: Javier Gomar Hairstylist @javiergomar4

Hair Assistant: Néstor Riera @nestorrierad

Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam

MUA: Mimi Novella @morphine_muah

Styling: Gala Egea @galaegea

Marcos Peret @supermanzana_

Manuel Arteaga @gru_grumpy_bb

Models: Victor Ángel Sánchez @yungg_vic

Jaime Moscardo @budells_amb_sucre

Diego José Torres @super_super_raro

Déborah Pérez @debhi_saltin_panki

Mimi Novella @m.von.morphium

Flor Olivera @floroliveraw

Victor Ángel Sánchez @yungg_vic


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