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Styles: Burning Man by Angela Debono, Canada

Each image aims to show the strength and vulnerability of the models. Each look is unique in its way, highlighting the essentiality of hair and beauty.

This work also involves pushing the boundaries of hairdressing with unprecedented contrasts such as the combination of edges and softness, demonstrating that creativity has no rules.

As the looks transformed and evolved during the creative process, so did the whole team, artistically, growing at every stage. That's why it has been inspiring to bring it to fruition, as it is now to share it with others.

Hair: Angela Debono @angela.deb.stylist

Hair Instagram: @tazhairco

Photography Natasha Gerschon @natashagerschon

MUA: Paola Manigat @manigatmua

Styling: Melissa Stetski @collumfabrica

Models: Theresa Cann @itsjusttessa

Ellamae Hughes @ellamaehughess

Alexandra Roulston @alyx_r_

Products: Oribe @oribe


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