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Styles: Binary by Jude McEwen, Australia


“Non-binary: not one thing or another”

“Binary: two things at the same time”

The concept of using two contradicting elements, together. It’s got that masculine sharpness, but it’s also got that feminine softer edge. It’s a combination of the two and not being fully one or the other.

To strictly only be feminine or masculine is not necessarily relevant anymore. It’s much more socially acceptable now to be both at the same time.

I wanted there to be no limits, and no stereotyping. To feel free to do and be what makes you happy.

There are harder edges, and then softer, fanned-out ends.

Parts of the image are in monochrome, and then there are pops of colour through the hair. There are circles which look soft to the eye, almost weightless, but then when touched, it’s a hard and fixed structure.

My process starts by looking at elements of the art I want to create and then thinking about how I can put that concept into hair.

With one look I began with the image of fire and then translate that into hair, all of its different colours and hues, and even its constant wave-like motion. This is the first time I’ve done colour work. I approached it like art and hand painted everything, so it would have a bespoke finish.

I was really focused on gradients, to start with lighter colours and then blend it out into black.

There are hard black edges to see the graphic line of the cutting, but then the internal soft diffused colours to give the hair more detail and separation.

The green backdrop was inspired by, Binary code as seen in the Matrix, computer processor instructions, The use of two different symbols together often "0" and "1".

I wanted a neutral colour that was not associated with a gender, like pink or blue.

And this particular green can look at the same time either natural or artificial.

The make-up is glam punk, which has the 90s vibe/trend currently seen on runways and Instagram. Our focus was on colour and the way it could blend together.

We wanted one-half of the look to have a lived-in vibe, with an ‘imperfect’ smudgy eye, and to then have a really glam lip to conflict with it.

I was especially draw to glam punk, as its genderless both boys or girls could wear any of the eye make-up.

For the fashion styling, we wanted it to be masculine with a minimalist couture aesthetic. It needed to be an understated appearance, to not distract the eye, but then be luxurious when observed. Some looks were combined with a high necklines.

Hair Stylist: Jude McEwen @jude_toniandguyperth Finalist, AHFA Hairdresser of the Year (announced 17th October 2022) Makeup Artist: Kylie O’Toole @kylieotoole Fashion Stylist: Emma Boseley @emmaboseley

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole @andrewotoolestudios


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