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Style Inspiration: OTT by Kristie Kesic, Cobelle Creative, Australia

Shoplifter is a New York based contemporary artist, known for her sculpture artwork, wall murals and site-specific installations. I was captivated and consumed by her imaginative, mind-expanding works and discovered her artwork is created from real and synthetic hair. I immediately had the impulse to create a colour collection inspired by her work. The way hair is abundantly layered to create structures and separated into multicoloured tufts is a force of self-expression. In parts it is jagged and erratic; in others the colour blurs to into ethereal shape. It highlights how hair can be used as a shield or alternatively a way of showcasing yourself to the world. Shoplifter was quoted describing one of her collections as “…one exuberant, colourful, playful, fluffy immersive installation”, that she just wanted to be Over the Top. These words captured my imagination and O.T.T was created.

O.T.T is a collection of images that are playful, beautiful and exuberant. Images with bold colour that captured the eyes and draws you in. Shapes and colour pairings take you on a journey of colour combinations, divided into different sections progressing from dark tones to euphoric colours. Overall creating a visual that is Over the Top (O.T.T.) with its playfulness and beauty.

Hairstylist: Kristie Kesic

Colourist: Kristie Kesic

Photographer: Georgia Wallace @georgiawallacepictorial

Makeup: Gemma Elaine @gemmaelaine

Stylist: Tamzen Holland @tamzenholland


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