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Style Inspiration: Essence by Paco Lopez

Discover your essence in every strand of hair. Passion is woven into each lock, fueling the inner fire. Your style, a symphony of boldness and authenticity. Express the courage within you, fearlessly shining. Scissors carve the path of your story with each cut, revealing your true self. Don't settle, pursue your vision and defy limits. The essence of a man resides in every strand of hair. It's you, in all your splendor. Unleash your essence and let it shine through your unique style.

Hair: Paco López para The Barber Shop by Paco López @thebarbershopbypacolopez

Photography: David Arnal & Paco López @davidarnalteam @pacolopz17

MUA: Paco López

Styling: Mikoto@mikotovill


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