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South African Showstoppers on Stage at Wella Destination: Gran Canaria, Spain

At the Wella Destination event in Gran Canaria, Spain last weekend, two of South Africa’s finest hair stylists rubbed shoulders on a world stage with some of the biggest international names in hair.

National Trend Vision Award winners, Guy Kleinhaus and Charles Junior Louw thrilled beauty-loving audiences and fellow hair stylists with their winning skills. Guy was invited as a guest artist to this year’s event by Wella International following his jaw-dropping show at Destination Morocco in 2019 where he took the top prize in The Stage Is Yours. “I’m still not sure how it happened to me, but I’m beyond grateful,” said Guy after his Look & Learn demonstration. “It really hit me when I was standing on the stage with my hair heroes Romeo Felipe, Renya Xydis and Fergal Doyle. So, yeah, dreams do come true!”

Reigning NTVA Colour Artist Gold Winner and Senior Wella Ambassador Charles Junior was thrilled at the opportunity to work backstage alongside rockstar hair icon James Earnshaw. “It was an absolute blast! I felt like I was exactly where I belong,” he said.

But it wasn’t just about hairspray, stage and the spotlight … Wella Destination is designed to not only showcase great hair craft but to also create a networking opportunity in a relaxing and beautiful destination. More than 1200 beautiful people from all over the globe gathered for the 4-day event. Highlights included the Parade of Nations, guest artist Meet & Greet, Look & Learn demonstrations, White Party cocktail evening, and the showstopper Red Ball Gala Evening. There was even time for leisurely lunching and poolside cocktails.

The South African group included Modern Hair & Beauty MD Chris Stofberg, National Education Manager Elizma Crous, and past and present NTVA winners, along with long-time Wella salon partners and stylists.

“We celebrated the industry together as Wella Family and I couldn’t have wished for better travel companions,” said Elizma.

Join us next time for Wella Destination 2024. Details will be released in the fourth quarter. Start packing your bags!

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