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Revive Colour And Treat Hair in One Go: Toneplex, New From Kadus

Keep the intensity of your client’s hair colour with the new Toneplex from Kadus. Launched in January 2021, the Kadus Toneplex Pearl Blonde Shampoo has been delighting hairdressers and clients who want to create bright, beautiful blondes.

The best news? Kadus is launching ANOTHER product in this range for even more colour vibrancy. Coming Mid-March, you can expect the Kadus Toneplex Satin Grey Mask ready to grace your salons!

What is Kadus Toneplex

Toneplex from Kadus is a range of products that contain colour pigment to tone your client’s hair. These products deposit colour to the hair and eliminate unwanted tones while reviving the colour.

The most exciting characteristic of this product is that it also treats the hair ensuring that both colour and condition are at their best. Toneplex counteracts fading and damage on hair generally caused by exposure to the sun, saltwater, chlorine, and heat. Plus, it contains Pro-Plex Technology with Maleic Acid to strengthen the hair bond. Now that’s a treatment you can get serious about!

Toneplex Products

In South Africa, The Kadus Toneplex range features a Shampoo and a Mask. Both boosting the hair’s colour intensity and formulated without peroxide, ammonia, silicones, and animal-derived ingredients.

Toneplex Satin Grey Mask (Launching Mid-March)

The Satin Grey Mask with intense pigments and PROPLEX Technology refreshes light greys from 8/,

Light Blonde, until 10/, Lightest Blonde with a subtle cool grey hue while reconstructing hair bonds. It’s perfect for pre-lightened hair level 10/0 to achieve a cool iridescent grey colour result.

Toneplex Pearl Blonde Shampoo

The Pearl Blonde Shampoo with violet pigments and PROPLEX Technology refreshes cool

blondes from 7/, Medium Blonde, until 10/, Lightest Blonde while reconstructing hair bonds. This product cleanses grey hair and blonde hair, and with its anti-yellow correction pigment, it moves hair in the silver colour direction.

How to use Toneplex

Kadus Toneplex can be used at the basin to wash your client’s hair and as a treatment to cool down blondes or brighten greys. For prolonged results and revived colour in between salon appointments, send your client home with a Kadus Toneplex Pearl Blonde Shampoo and Kadus Toneplex Satin Grey Mask.

Your clients will love you for it!

Want to stock Kadus Toneplex? Contact your Sales Rep or our Telesales on 0860 104 109.

About Kadus Professional

For over 80 years, Kadus Professional has developed affordable colour, care, and styling products that steadily deliver excellent results. Kadus was founded to specifically provide small salons and independent hairstylists with a comprehensive range of world-class hair products to assist them in affordably expressing their creativity.

Continuous education keeps Kadus stylists up to date with the latest colour and cutting techniques and trends to afford you a tailored service that suits your hair care needs. Kadus products and services will exceed your expectations at a comfortable price.



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