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Reuzel Schorem Event Nov 12: Spectacular Show with Schorem’s own Leen and Bertus

Level Three, Kramerville, was the place to be on Nov 12 – a modern, chic, multi-level venue with rooftop balcony overlooking Sandton, with the fantastic 2-hour Reuzel Schorem Live Show, hosted by Modern Hair & Beauty. Hairnews’ Director Brad De Waal was on the scene and reports back.

It was the opportunity to engage with Schorem’s Leen and Bertus. Stylists, barbers, industry leaders and more were all excited to immerse themselves in their esteemed presence, and to receive personalised bespoke grooming tips from the very architects of style.

Who are Leen and Bertus?

Pompadour wizards Leen and Bertus are not just barbers, they are artists of retro refinement and pioneers of modern barbering. Their razor-sharp skills have a cult following all over the world – from their Schorem Barbershop in Rotterdam, around the globe and all the way down to South Africa! These illustrious creators of Reuzel, the world’s finest pomade, will always unveil techniques that will forever elevate the barbering game.

Joburg - The Main Event

More than just an event, it was a full-blown journey of epic proportions, where the Reuzel spirit reigned supreme. It was a 2-hour live show with an opportunity for a face-to-face discussion with the specialist artisans themselves.

Inside the venue, 4 big screens showcased Reuzel, barber chairs stood ready and multiple stands with Reuzel products were on display, easily accessible for testing, experimentation and orders.

The rooftop bar on the third level, had the food laid out for all the Reuzel event guests, all professionally catered buffet style. Stylists, barbers, and industry leaders experienced an amazing evening of wild music, with a gritty, raw and energetic atmosphere. Cameras displayed onto the big screens, making all the cuts and demos on stage easily visible for all to see and enjoy.

While Leen and Bertus (Robert) entered to roaring applause and excitement.

Leen immediately swung into action and started cutting hair to perfection, while Bertus displayed his own branded Mizutani scissors and as a brilliant storyteller, charmed the crowd with his charismatic personality, jokes, relatable stories, and vibrant attitude. Guests were constantly cheering, laughing and actively engaged in the show with Bertus who never stopped entertaining with impactful stories, vital tips, informative techniques, all mixed with jokes and intense storytelling, with the occasional Afrikaans slang “kak” or “lekker” thrown in there, too.

Leen masterfully did the cuts and only piped up with an occasional “next!” to bring the next model onto stage for a cut.

Bertus regaled the guests with personal stories about how they came up with their name, their development as specialists in their crafts, and their clients that became family. Stories were bandied about, from forbidding phones and laptops in the barber shop so that people could actually talk to each other, to creating a “menu” of styles for the shop.

It was amazing to watch two masters at work!

Modern Hair and Beauty Managing Director, Chris Stofberg introduced Jacques Nortje, National Sales Manager for Modern Hair and Beauty, to the attentive crowd to really personalise his role with Modern Hair & Beauty and with Reuzel. Jacques in turn introduced Marketing Assistant, Natalie Blom, who handles everything Reuzel in South Africa, putting faces to the names of all the team members.

The fun night was highlighted with 3 giveaways of Reuzel product hampers, and The Chop Shop in Bloemfontein was thrilled to win Retailer of the Year for the barbershop who purchased the most Reuzel products per barber for FY23!

All in all, a sensational evening was had by all to really experience the savvy, brilliant creators of Reuzel and their acclaimed styling products.

Reuzel: Created By Barbers, Used By Everyone

Reuzel (roo-'zul) spelled with a Z, pronounced with a middle finger.

1. (n) A term originating from the Dutch language, meaning lard.

2. (n) The finest, world-renowned brand of styling products known for unbeatable quality, performance, and swagger. No lard included.

No Pigs Were Harmed in the Making of Reuzel Products

Reuzel has left out the pig fat. Its beloved pig mascot celebrates both the history of pomades and animals being free from harm, because Reuzel loves animals! With the exception of a few products that contain beeswax*, Reuzel never tests on animals, is 100% vegan, and proud to be certified by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty free company.

Stock Reuzel in your barbershop

To place an order, contact your Modern Hair and Beauty sales representative or call Telesales 0860 104 109.


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