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Reuzel® Freebies for Father’s Day, Sunday 20 June 2021

Hey, Scumbags! While you’ve been giving good haircuts and changing the way guys look on the street, we’ve been curating a bunch of freebies for Father’s Day.

Our 2021 Father’s Day gift packs are jampacked with style most men would want and freebies every man would want! The freebies, like all Reuzel products, are of the highest quality.

The altogether famous and bestselling S**t, Shower & Shave Gift Pack is back by demand and includes two freebies – an apple scented beeswax candle and a canvas drawstring bag.

For dads with blazing beards there is the Groom and Grow Gift Pack with a free beard comb.

Packs are limited to ensure exclusivity so stock up immediately by placing your order with your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative or call our telesales direct on 0860 104 109.

There are absolutely no animal ingredients in Reuzel products, i.e. no pigs were harmed in the making of these products. Plus, no animal testing is done by Reuzel, their manufacturers or their ingredient suppliers. The products are classified as vegetarian and halaal, but not vegan, due to the use of beeswax in some of the products. Beeswax is made from the segments in the honeycomb, which will not bring harm to bees.

Take a few minutes to watch this exquisite documentary about Schorem, an old school barbershop in Rotterdam and the inspiration behind the Reuzel brand, It’s worth it!

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Facebook: @ReuzelSA


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