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Radical Edge Scissor Sharpening and Servicing

We are a Johannesburg based company that specialise in the sharpening and servicing of hairdresser / stylist scissors of all kinds whether they are convex, bevelled or serrated and of Japanese or German style. We service all brands both left and right handed.

We are not a mobile service but rather operate from a fully equipped workshop with the latest equipment, similar to that used by scissor manufacturers around the world. Most mobile sharpeners sharpen convex scissors at the wrong angle, destroying the edge which decreases the efficiency of your scissor. We are able to fix this problem for you by re-convexing your scissors to make them like new.

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Testimonials from Salons

Dear Laurence

Thank you again for the excellent speedy service!!

Scissors sent off on Friday 12/3 and back in Stylist hands Tuesday 16/3 morning!

Hair Legends always endeavor to deliver the best service we can give and we are very proud of that... but you might top us on that!

Here on the Garden Route we battle to get specialists in that field and NO Stylists wants to trust a stranger with their precious tools...

It is such a pleasure to deal with professionals like you. Thank you for your speedy and thorough work.

Kindest Regards

Anése Delcourt


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Our Jaguar factory trained technician is able to produce as good as or often a better edge on your scissors than when they left the factory.

Each pair of scissors entrusted to us is treated with the individual respect for the tools of your trade that they deserve. We spend however long is necessary to restore your scissor to its original functionality.

We do not grind your scissors, we hone and diamond polish to achieve a razor edge whilst removing the minimal amount of material, then finish on Japanese whet stones (water stones). This technique considerably increases the useable life of your scissors.

Sharpening will either extend their life...or shorten it! Most scissors require sharpening every three to six months.

When properly cared for your scissors should give you many years of trouble-free service.

Turnaround time is typically 2 days to dispatching back to you after receipt.

Our special LOCKDOWN RECOVERY PRICING is still valid at R250 per scissor (Normal cost is R400.00 per scissor.)

COURIER SERVICE AVAILABLE or arrange a time to bring the scissors to our premises in Bryanston, and we can service and sharpen them while you wait.

If you want to send more than 5 scissors from your salon for servicing, we will pay for a courier service both ways.

For more information or to discuss your requirements call

Laurence Watkins

Radical Edge (Pty) Ltd

t/a Rayven Services Gauteng

Cell: 082 550 5442

Tel: 011 463 4852


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