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Milkshake Treatment Range: Solutions for Every Client’s Needs

Milkshake is passionately focused on building hair health, using the power of nature to delight clients and transform their hair. Shiny, glossy, strong, supple and manageable locks are easy to achieve with this specialised range that includes easy and effective leave-in treatments, and powerful, customisable in-salon treatments.

Leave-In Treatments

conditioned, shiny hair Versatile, easy-to-use products for supple, perfectly hydrated hair.

These fabulous homecare products are among milkshake’s most popular sellers. Read more about the effective solutions that are quick and easy to use.

Conditioning Whipped Cream Creamy, leave-in conditioning and protective mousse for all hair types Deep moisturising and protective leave-in formula with milk proteins that condition and restructure the hair, leaving it soft and manageable without weighing it down. The exclusive Integrity 41* complex improves colour stability.

Leave-in Conditioner leave-in conditioner for all hair types Spray conditioner for naturally textured or slightly dry hair. Makes damaged hair easier to comb through while protecting the hair cortex and retaining optimal moisture balance. Milk proteins supplement and strengthen the hair shaft while fruit extracts and honey revitalise hair making it glossy and more manageable. The exclusive Integrity 41*complex protects hair from UV rays, improving colour stability.

Incredible Milk intensive 12 in 1 leave-in spray mask For all hair types with organic murumuru butter, fruit extracts (bilberry, raspberry, papaya, mango) and milk proteins

1. Repairs all hair types

2. Controls frizz

3. Prevents split ends

4. Protects from heat

5. Improves hold

6.Exceptional detangling

7. Extreme shine

8. Gives hair body and volume

9. Improves the effects of straighteners and/or straightening irons

10. Protects and maintains colour

11. Protects against UV rays

12. Smoothes the cuticle.

Natural Care Masks

the sweetness of nature for nourishing hair The natural way to achieve deeply nourished, healthy hair.

The fabulous Milkshake Natural Care Masks have four specialised in-salon options that will provide your client with the most luxurious, fragrant and sumptuous service tailored to their hair type, using products that smell good enough to eat and are so pure that they are in fact edible!

How to Use Natural Care Masks In Salon

These incredible masks use the natural care mask base, combined with powder compounds to create four different creamy, soft and nourishing masks that care for each hair type and each problem.

The Mask Base

The mask base contains avocado and rice oil, honey and fruit extracts, specific hydrating agents, vitamin E and Integrity 41 that protects hair color from free radicals and fading. The mask base formula acts on the inner and outer layers of the hair, binding with the proteins in the milk and yogurt powders and with the vitamins found in the cocoa and papaya compounds for deep, long-lasting results.

Milk Mask for Dry / Damaged Hair

The natural care milk mask is a milk powder protein compound, combined with the natural care mask base, with the benefits concentrated into a deep treatment that nourishes the hair and produces shiny, soft, healthy results.

Yogurt Mask for Natural / Coloured Hair

Rich in nourishing proteins, lactic acid and vitamins, the yogurt mask combines with the natural care mask base to nourish hair. The acidity of the compound works to protect hair colour.

Cocoa Mask for Natural / Coarse Hair

Cocoa is a natural antioxidant for strong nourishing of the hair. Combined with the natural care mask base, it has a delicious scent and provides a deep treatment for hair and a shiny, soft, healthy result.

Papaya Mask for Fine / Dull Hair

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, Papaya and the natural care mask base combine into a deep treatment that revitalises and hydrates the hair for shiny, soft, healthy results.

Active Milk Mask / Active Yogurt Mask Milk proteins and yogurt amino acids give strength and body while the avocado and rice oils, honey and fruit extracts and vitamin E condition the hair shaft. The exclusive Integrity 41* complex improves colour stability, leaving hair soft and shiny.

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