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Milkshake Decologic “Black Light” Lightener for Ice-Cool Blond Shades

If your clients love their blondes ice-cool, you need the incredible new milk_shake decologic “Black Light” lightener.

Using brand new technology, decologic black light will lighten hair up to 7 levels, while eliminating warm tones from the hair for a perfect, cool, beautiful and healthy result.

How does Decologic Black Light work?

This black lightening cream has a double action.

• Charcoal and pigments inhibit the warm melanin within the hair, for natural-looking neutral, cool or grey colour tones.

• Fruit sugar complexes repair and protect the hair during lightening.

The combination of the lightener strength, the dark pigments, and the precious oligosaccharides create perfect blonde shades, leaving hair healthy and nourished.

The special components within the cream base create a soft emulsion that makes the product gentle on the hair, with maximum respect, while effectively lightening up to 7 levels. Easy to use, it won’t drip or expand, and will maintain fluidity during application.

The Power of Charcoal

Black, weightless, plant based charcoal can absorb particles that are harmful to the scalp and hair while supporting the ultramarine pigment that counteracts yellow and brassy tones, for a perfect grey-neutral result.

Fruit Oligosaccharides

These fructans are very flexible and mobile, able to penetrate deeply into the hair, filling the empty spaces to give body to weakened or damaged hair fibres. They keep the hair’s surface hydrated and offer protection from the alkaline effect of lightening.

Keen to experience the ultra cool lightening effects of this magical new product in your salon?

Contact the friendly Milkshake team today!

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