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Milk_Shake®: Spoil your Clients with In-Salon Moisturising Treatments this Winter

milk_shake® - natural care / the sweetness of nature to nourish hair

Masks inspired by pure nature to nourish all hair types


  • 4 natural edible powders: milk, cocoa, papaya, yogurt

  • 4 different hair types: dry / damaged, normal and coarse, fine or dull, colour-treated hair

So easy to apply in-salon, treating your clients to an incredible deep conditioning programme so necessary in dry South African winters!

Pour 60 ml of milk_shake® natural care restructuring base mask into a bowl, add the milk_shake® natural care powder mask best suited to the hair type and the desired result (milk_shake® natural care milk, cocoa, papaya or yogurt powder). Mix well and apply to clean damp hair. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes. For deeper conditioning, utilize a heat source. Comb and rinse well.

Tailor each treatment for your clients’ unique requirements and select the natural edible powder that their hair needs most:

milk mask - milk powder protein compound for dry or damaged hair

Concentrated milk protein powder mask, specifically developed for dry or damaged hair. The mask activates when mixed with the milk_shake® natural mask base. Its deep restructuring action leaves hair vibrant, strong and full of body.

cocoa mask - cocoa powder compound for normal and coarse hair

Concentrated cocoa powder mask, for dry, normal and coarse hair. Mixing the mask with the milk_shake® natural care mask base concentrates the properties of cocoa. This deep hair treatment nourishes the hair shaft and improves its appearance leaving hair exceptionally shiny and full of body.

papaya mask - papaya powder compound for fine or dull hair

Concentrated papaya extract powder mask for fine, dry hair. Mixing the mask compound with the milk_shake® natural care mask base concentrates the properties of papaya leaving hair exceptionally soft, glossy and full of body.

yogurt mask - yogurt powder protein compound for natural or colour-treated hair

Yogurt powder protein mask, specifically developed for colour-treated hair.

The mask activates when mixed with the natural care fluid base. Concentrates all the beneficial properties of yogurt to nourish the hair and to help maintaining the hair colour.


mask base - restructuring mask base for use with natural care masks

Restructuring mask base for use with milk_shake® natural care milk, cocoa, papaya and yogurt powder compounds to create four different creamy, soft and nourishing masks with a pleasant, sweet milk fragrance.

The mask base contains avocado and rice oil, honey and fruit extracts, specific hydrating agents, vitamin E and Integrity 41® that protects the colour from free radicals and fading.

The mask base formula acts on the inner and outer layers of the hair, binding with the proteins in the milk and yogurt powders and with the vitamins found in the cocoa and papaya compounds for deep nourishing, long-lasting results.

Active ingredients

  • Avocado and rice oils: hydrate, condition and provide softness

  • Fruit extracts: blackberry and papaya, rich with vitamins and minerals, revitalize the hair

  • Honey extract: conditions, softens and protects

  • Specific silicones: give softness, manageability and shine

  • Integrity 41®: protects colour from free radicals and the adverse effects of weather conditions, maintaining a long-lasting, radiant hair colour

  • UV filter: protects against UV rays


 active milk mask - restructuring milk and yogurt masks

Two rich restructuring masks to deeply nourish and strengthen dry or damaged hair. The specific active ingredients, milk proteins and yogurt amino acids give strength and body, while the avocado and rice oils, honey and fruit extracts and vitamin E condition the hair shaft. The exclusive ingredient

Integrity 41® improves colour stability, leaving hair soft and shiny.


Apply to clean, damp hair. Leave in for 3-5 minutes, comb and then rinse.

 moisture plus / maximum hydration - moisture plus lotion

A concentrated lotion that gives softness and manageability to dry hair, maintaining the hair’s optimal moisture balance. Leaves hair visibly healthy, soft and shiny. Contains organic papaya extract, Integrity 41® and hyaluronic acid for colour protection, with an anti-aging action.

• Paraben-Free


Distribute the entire contents of the tube evenly over clean, damp hair, particularly over lengths and ends. Leave in for 3-5 minutes. For particularly damaged hair, cover and leave under a heat source for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and proceed with the desired styling

 argan / the beauty benefits of argan oil - deep treatment

deep treatment for all hair types

Nourishing organic argan oil and wheat protein formula that eliminates frizz. Suitable for all hair types. Seals the cuticle leaving hair soft, shiny and more manageable while maintaining the hair colour.


Distribute through clean hair and massage. Leave in for 3 to 5 minutes, then comb through and rinse.

Milk_shake® can Help your Salon Flourish in the Winter Months

During the month of April, be on the lookout for more information on these milk_shake moisture products and all the great benefits to your clients and you as salon owner who can so easily supply them!

Available now from your favourite milk_shake® rep!

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