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milk_shake Colour Specifics: The Innovative Professional Choice

The preferred choice for salon professionals

Perfect colour services and perfect performance for every salon colour appointment.


  • Targeted new products to enhance hair colour treatments.

  • Indispensable professional support to improve the quality of your salon’s colour services.


MILK_SHAKE®’S COLOUR SPECIFICS - Innovative Ingredients to Enrich Products Improving Every Treatment.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS with an affinity with the structure of the hair, working with its nature, restoring and strengthening the hair fibre, giving incredible shine and improving the beauty and stability of the colour over time.

  • carbocysteine, a derivative of cysteine, a structural amino acid of the hair, penetrates deeply, restoring and reinforcing the internal structure of the hair;

  • hydrolysed wheat proteins penetrate into the layers of the cuticle strengthening it and repairing damaged areas;

  • polyquaternium-10 and methicone penetrate the layers of the cuticle giving lasting hydration and maximum shine, enhancing the colour tone and protecting it over time.


MILK PROTEINS condition and powerfully supplement the hair structure inside the cortex.

OILS & NATURAL EXTRACTS have a calming, soothing and nourishing effect, giving skin and hair conditioning, elasticity, and softness.

VITAMINS with antioxidant, conditioning, and protective properties.

8 TARGETED PRODUCTS from milk_shake® research to complement the colouring service, guaranteeing the best and most lasting results.


PRO COLOR EQUALIZER -pre-colour equalizer

Equalizes and strengthens the hair structure before the colour treatment and guarantees even colour distribution. Contains Biogenius Technology* for restructured hair and a lasting, deep, brilliant colour; milk proteins for a highly complementary and conditioning action on the hair structure, moisturising agents that hydrate and protect hair leaving hair fibre soft, radiant and manageable, and panthenol that strengthens, conditions and protects hair while giving it body.


ACID COLOUR SEALER - post-colour acid sealer

Specifically formulated to seal the cuticle after each technical treatment and to lock in colour. Contains Biogenius Technology for restructured hair and a lasting, deep, brilliant colour, milk and wheat proteins have a highly complementary and conditioning action on the hair structure, moisturising agents hydrate and protect, leaving hair fibre soft, radiant and more manageable, and aloe vera juice leaves hair soft and conditioned.


POWERFUL PROTECTOR - pre-colour protective fluid

Protects the skin from irritation and redness during technical treatments, prevents the skin from staining without affecting the action of the colour on the hair. Camomile extract with a calming, soothing and emollient action.

SAFE LIGHTENER COMPLEX - additive for hair lightening treatments

Additive for technical hair lightening treatments, specifically formulated to restructure and condition the hair during the technical treatment, favouring and at the same time improving the lightening process. Contains active quinoa proteins and cosmetic grade phosphoric esters. High quality quaternal polymers cover the hair fibre with an invisible film that retains the hair’s splendour and vitality. Laboratory tested.

COLOUR SPLIT - barrier-effect additive for hair colouring

Ideal to create multi-tone colouring without using foils. 

Creates a barrier, protects and allow for the overlapping of different shades without staining or smearing.


INSTANT REMOVER - hair colour remover for skin

Eliminates any colour residue from the skin with a gentle and effective stain removing action, leaving skin clean, soft, with no redness. Contains milk proteins and aloe vera juice for a combined emollient, soothing and skin hydrating action.


COLOUR SEALING SHAMPOO - post-colour shampoo

Gently cleanses by locking in cosmetic colourants, for longer-lasting colour and improved shine. Contains Biogenius Technology for restructured hair and a deep, long-lasting vibrant colour, a blend of gentle surfactants cleanse the hair while protecting the hair fibre, milk proteins have a highly complementary and conditioning action on the hair structure, glycerin restores moisture and helps maintain hair hydration.

Use: apply after using the acid colour sealer, lather and then rinse. Repeat if necessary. Follow with the colour sealing conditioner.


COLOUR SEALING CONDITIONER - after-colour conditioner

Conditions hair after colouring by smoothing the hair shaft and locking in cosmetic colour, for longer-lasting colour and improved shine. Contains a mix of milk proteins, vitamins, emollient, conditioning agents, a UV filter and a film-forming agent for the maximum expression of colour and soft, shiny hair.


A full salon colour service your clients will adore

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