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milk_shake® Colour Care: Colour Protection at its Best

Milk_shake® Colour Care: The product range dedicated to colour-treated hair. 

Help your clients maintain the glorious colour and sheen they get from your expert colour services. 

Highly Efficient Professional Formulas that Nourish Hair & Protect Hair Colour from Fading

A haircare routine for colour-treated hair:

  • cleanses gently whilst maintaining the hair’s vitality

  • weightlessly nourishes and restructures the hair with milk proteins

  • improves hair colour stability and maintains colour intensity over time. 


The formulas have been created to enhance the beauty of colour-treated hair with naturally-sourced active ingredients and extracts. Nature is a precious ally and source of natural beauty. MILK PROTEINS: supplement the keratin component of the hair with a restorative, restructuring, strengthening, protective and conditioning action. The hair gains nourishment, strength, shine, smoothness and softness.


INTEGRITY 41®: prevents and repairs damage caused by external aggressors, UV rays and frequent washing. It guarantees radiance and vibrant hair colour for longer. 

Integrity 41®  is ahydroglycolic sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polypohenols.


VITAMIN E: helps to prevent and counteract the oxidative processes that cause colour-fading and dullness in the hair.


WHEAT PROTEINS: restore the natural components of the keratin within the hair, which are essential for the hair’s structure, strength and resistance.


milk_shake® Colour Care

A Rich Retail Care Range Specially Designed for Your Colour Service Clients


colour maintainer shampoo

hydrating and protective shampoo for colour-treated hair

Gentle cleansing shampoo to maintain the beauty and vitality of colour-treated hair. Paraben & SLES free.


colour maintainer conditioner

conditioner for colour-treated hair


Hydrating, protective and detangling conditioner for colour-treated hair. Its fluid, caramel-coloured texture is particularly suitable for normal/fine hair, giving weightless conditioning. Paraben free. 


deep conditioning mask

intensive maintenance conditioner for colour-treated hair

Gives nourishment and structure for deep protection. Leaves hair soft, shiny, strong and weightless. Most suitable for coarse hair. Paraben free.


Help your salon clients keep that rich luxury of shine and colour and that fresh-from-the-salon look they deserve!

Let’s chat soon to add milk_shake® Colour Care to your Salon Services!


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