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Long Live Blonding with Matrix

# The Next Level

Upgraded Sheer Pastel Toners with COOL+Technology, for longer lasting color that starts cool and fades cool on tone for up to 25 washes*

*Stylist evaluation study

Sheer Pastels

# New Level 11 Toners the lightest level to exist in the Color Sync portfolio

# What does this mean?

Most shades in the Color Sync line are pre blended with a Brown background which provides depth for more deposit. The New Level 11 toners are formulated with the lightest hits of background to provide an even result.

The Sheer pastel shades do not have a brown background. They are formulated for the most sheer result you can get with an alkaline toner.

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# When would I use it?

Let’s say your client’s pre-lightened pale blonde hair needs a bit of color or neutralization, but you don’t want to add any depth Sheer pastels will be your go to.

In the case your pre-lightened pale blonde has some arias that are a tad lighter than others and you need a bit more blend, Level 11 toners will then be your choice.

# How do they differ from the Sheer Acidic Toners?

These toners are alkaline, meaning they provide a more “blended” result from root to tip and in some cases shift the natural base up to ½ a level.

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# Sheer Acidic Toners

Experience cool and high shine blondes with New Level 8 sheer acidic toners, alkaline free specifically created with an Acidic base.

# What Does this mean?

Acidic formulations close the cuticle and provide a more sheer dimensional result with no lift on natural hair.

# When do I use it?

On the damage conscious client, pale blonde and porous hair.

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Article from Chanel Pond, L’Oréal Professional Products Division



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