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London Wellness Academy: SA Stylist Mervin Arthur Naidoo on the World’s Newest Cruise Ship - The Sun Princess 2

With a new year, it’s time to really think about making a solid lifestyle change in your journey, and the fantastic opportunity awaits you now. With cruise ship spas looking for you with stylist positions opening up already from March 2024, it’s time to apply to London Wellness Academy and jump into an amazing new career!


It’s the most rewarding way of traveling the world and earning money, with a huge amount of self-discipline and entrepreneurial skills developed whilst enjoying an incredible lifestyle.


For 2024, join us onboard the newest cruise ship in the world, THE SUN PRINCESS 2, with South African Star Stylist Mervin Arthur Naidoo on his latest cruise ship contracts!


Mervin Arthur Naidoo is from Pietermaritzburg, KZN and at 49 years old, has been a qualified hairstylist for almost 30 years, working in South Africa. He has spent the last 2 years working onboard magnificent cruise ships on shipboard spa contracts. He is sharing his exciting experiences and photos with us about real life onboard!


Mervin’s contract for 2024 is an exciting new adventure onboard the brand-new cruise ship SUN PRINCESS 2, experiencing the most exciting sights and cities, people, and food on her inaugural voyages.


Onboard THE SUN PRINCESS 2, Mervin works at the LOTUS SPA, as Hairstylist/ Barber, and as he says, “From the day I stepped on the ship, every port after that was a brand-new port, a new and exciting adventure!”

Mervin’s Team at the Lotus Spa – Creating friends of a lifetime

“I work with an amazing team at the Lotus Spa. We all get on very well and there is always a happy, vibrant feel for our team and all our guests.”


The crew of the SUN PRINCESS ready to set sail:

And Introducing the Inaugural LOTUS SPA AND SALON TEAM on THE SUN PRINCESS.

“The salon can be the busiest part of the spa and sometimes the whole ship. The stylists and nail technicians are booked solid every day. We sometimes have to miss our breaks to finish on time.  Working with such talented team members, it’s like we are running a 6-star salon in the busiest place on land. The experience is truly a vibe, with every day and night a unique and stimulating experience.”


“It’s fantastic to help make all our guests feels so happy and looking their best on one of the most exciting adventures of their lives. It’s so much fun being able to finish up with a guest’s hair, looked around and be so happy to see us all working !”


Happy Clients “These amazing ladies were so happy with their hair. This is why I love my job. Meeting people from all around the world, seeing those happy smiles. I even got to feature on a YouTube video about the Sun Princess 2, which is circulating, so now guests are seeing me and recognizing me.”


Live the Most Spectacular Life at Sea while Doing What You Love Best – Hair!


As Mervin can so well confirm from his last 2 years, your contracts with London Wellness Academy can set you up for life in styling experience, business experience, and a nice nest egg as you earn in US dollars, with all your primary expenses paid.


2024 – Life on newest cruise ship THE SUN PRINCESS 2 with Mervin Arthur Naidoo

In the last 2 months of 2024, Mervin has already seen so many beautiful, exciting ports and had fantastic fun with his salon team members on their trips at each port. We get to share some of his amazing pics and videos, just to give our SA stylists a real feel for what they can expect on an onboard salon career move!


“A very quick visit to Naples ,Italy , our 1st stop on this maiden voyage of THE SUN PRINCESS 2. Just 1 hour was all I needed to feel the warmth of the sun. We docked in the heart of the city, so a short walk and you are on the main street.  Where the Sun Princess goes, she brings the sunshine. As we sailed away, the sunset was beautiful and the lights came on, turning the city into a magical place.”

Messina Sicily was truly magical.


Kusadasi, Turkey .

“I had a lovely day off to enjoy the sunshine with my fellow hairstylist, Melvin. Took a walk into the markets and shops.”


Mallorca - Another visit to this beautiful city. So much to see. Out with my teammates, great lunch, some shopping. A very happy Melvin Quintana now that he has his clipper!”

Genoa, Italy.

“It was my first time in this city. Stunning place with lots to see in architecture. No single houses here. Only apartment buildings. Had a nice walk around d with my friend Andrea. The marina is great. Lots of shops and restaurants. We will be back here very often, so I will get to see and show you more of the city as the weeks go by.


Corfu Greece .

“My first time to visit. A full day off. Started off with Melvin Quintana ,Andrea and Marcial Kim Traje . Finished off with Kaothala Pao and Elcy. Great weather. Good food and awesome friends. We will be back here a few more times. Shopping here is good. Quality items at affordable prices. Lots of handmade jewellery and top quality leather goods. Lots of friendly restaurants, the staff are all so welcoming and speak good English. Food is always good in Greece.”


Bar, Montenegro .

“Small little village . We had to stop here coz we could not get into Kotor. The Sun Princess 2 is the first cruise ship to stop here for the year, and will probably be the only one. Ships don't stop here unless they have to.


The residents were very happy to see us liven up their village for the day. They welcomed us with song and dance and then waved us off so happily.”


Montenegro Dancers

And finally, even Easter was celebrated onboard with the most incredible giant Easter Eggs!

If you don't step out of your comfort zone, you will never know the wonders that lie out there in the wide world! - Mervin

Do You Want to Share in The Adventure of a Lifetime?

How To Apply!

Go to and fill in the online form. A recruitment consultant will be in touch with you asap to set up a confidential interview. Your first step to a new life of excitement on board has begun!

Interviews are done online or in person every first Saturday of the month. Our next face-to-face interview and presentation information session date is soon, so start planning as soon as possible!

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