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Local Inspiration: Nu Coupe Sauvage Collection from Excentric on Point

Nu Coupe Sauvage

The '70s was about the woman wearing the clothes and not the other way around.

We like to think it’s the same when it comes to your hair.

You've probably heard it about 8 million times: the top clothing trends of today are pretty much all recycled from Y2K. We are all starting to feel as if we're living in the past, am I right?

But that's just how the cycle works - nothing in fashion is ever really new-new. And the '90s and early '00s are far from the only source for this season: '70s fashion is having a moment, too.

Our new Collection NU COUPE SAUVAGE captures the natural essence and beauty of YOU.







M/U artist: Andrea Hurter @chameleonqueen , Merlize Du Toit @merlizedutoit

Photographer: Pete Maltbie

Creative Directors: Flo Neacsu @floneacsu Leandi Cronje @leaonpoint

Salon: Excentric On Kloof and On Point @excentriconpoint @excentriconkloof

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