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Leyton House Professional Colour just got Better: Introducing FILLERPLEX (EBR) & KERACALM

Leyton House Professonal SA has you covered with our NEW FILLERPLEX EBR and New Leyton House Professional KERACALM!

Leyton House is not only your colour go-to supplier, but they make sure your services produce fantastic, healthy, luxuriant results and stay that way! For fast, super-efficient colour treatments with incredibly vibrant results, Leyton House Professional introduces its best-selling ranges for clients looking for that extra fabulous effect!

Leyton House Professional SA – The Complete Colour Turn-Key Solution!

Economical 100ml Tube – 1:1.15 mix

Competitive pricing structure

Highest quality pigments

Each tube provided 11% more moisture than most colours

Silk Renewal Complex ® technology – Unique simultaneous lift and deposit!

Reduced processing times to 15-20 minutes with gentle heat

100% grey coverage

Low ammonia content and pH level

Endless colour palette choice of over 100+ colours

Customer Service Support available

Make your colour clients amazingly happy with our amazing add-on treatments & feel the difference in the hair.


Protects Hair from the Most Intensive Services, with No Extra Time or Processing Involved

FillerPlex is our ONE-STEP treatment & does NOT affect any service processing times or colour result

What is FillerPlex (EBR) & How does it work?

FillerPlex (EBR) is a single step Enzymatic Bond Reconstructor (EBR) with dual process action. A plex treatment working from the OUTSIDE to INSIDE by surrounding the hair fibres with a protective webbing structure to mend broken bonds during a chemical service.

Gorgeous golden hues and a silky smooth finish are the key to the ultimate #blondehair by @sisolutions

FillerPlex (EBR) penetrates and reconstructs the bond fibres from the outside in, providing elasticity and strength, even after just ONE application! It protects and preserves, keeping the internal structure healthy and resulting in longer lasting colour.

The miracle ingredient? Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein pf-Propyl Silanetriol.

A revitalising and fortifying protein complex that seeks out damaged bonds, increasing tensile strength, helping hair withstand chemical stresses, and preventing cuticle abrasion.

Unlike ‘others’, FillerPlex (EBR) does NOT require any followup maintenance treatments at home and does NOT affect any service processing times or results.

What’s in it?

Other than the secretly formulated superpowers?

FillerPlex(EBR) is vegan and supplemented with the following active nutrients keeping hair in tiptop condition:

This miracle treatment contains:


100% Italian Organic Chestnut Extract

Hemp Oil

Annabel Berry (UK) tells us about her Leyton House passion

Created with a little help from a friend…..

When you find a colour Line that provides you with unlimited support and guidance from international educators, who are passionate about helping hairdressers continue to learn, grow and fully understand the products, It’s a wonderful thing!

PRODUCTS: Leyton House



TECHNIQUES: Baby lights, partial low lights, face frame, root tap, tone,

ROOT SHADES: 6.01, 7.021, .1, .221

TONER SHADES: .021, .22

KERACALM – Finish off your Colour Service with KERACALM

The Botox Smoothing Treatment Coming Soon in January 2023!

This fantastic smoothing 2 in 1 Treatment will give your clients the most amazing results.

KeraCALM Smoothing Management & Botox Hair Treatment

Testimonial from Christina Laura Robertson from Christina’s Hair

#beforeandafter KeraCALM, #haircolour and a quick straighten ... the most amazing part is just how soft her hair was!!! I have never ever felt hair this soft, it was incredible!”

Leyton House Professional gives you everything you will ever need. Quality products, best service and will always be a professional salon only range. Leyton House Professional SA is proudly distributed by SI Solutions Cape and is an animal cruelty free range with no parabens.

Contact us

Whatsapp: 072 661 6352

If you want to learn more click on to join our Leyton House Support group & read the reviews from hairstylists just like you!


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