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Important Bargaining Council Notice: HBSI Pension Fund Exemption Applications For 2024

Kindly take note that going forward there will be a four-month period, once per year, from September to December within which exemptions from membership of the HBSI can be processed.

This period includes applications and appeals. If exemption is not applied for or granted within that period, an establishment will be required to make contributions to the HBSI Fund. Enforcement procedures may follow if that is not adhered to.

Please note that renewal applications for Exemptions for 2024 will be accepted from September 2023 until December 2023.

To avoid getting billed in the year 2024, please make sure that all applications are completed and submitted as soon as possible within this period.

All exemption application forms for Pension Fund must be supported by a Broker form filled out by the existing Broker and Motivation Letters from all employees.

Existing exemptions granted for the year 2023 will automatically expire on the 31st of December 2023, and Invoices will be levied in accordance with the Collective Agreement if your application is not received by the Council in a timely manner and/or an exemption is not granted.

The Exemption application is available to download from the website (Annexure D) at or you may request an application form via email from

Other exemption applications (not-related to HBSI membership) will not be subject to this four-month period.

Exemptions will apply to Establishments in relation to a calendar year. In the case of an exemption having been granted in relation to HBSI membership. You are required to ensure that all new employees joining your establishment join the Alternative Pension Fund and you may be required to provide evidence of such membership of the Alternative Fund in respect of any employee.

Process to apply for Exemption in the case of exemptions from HBSI Membership.

• Submit a duly completed Exemption Application form – Annexure ‘D’ - signed and dated by the owner of an establishment - 1 application per establishment.

• Broker/Intermediary Exemption Application Form must be completed by your Broker - No other documents will be accepted as sufficient. If not properly completed, this will result in a less favourable outcome.

• All Administration costs must be disclosed, such as asset-based fees charged in addition to normal member administration fees, as well as all governance/fund costs, distribution and intermediary fees and employer participation fees).

• Indicate the period for which exemption is applied for;

• The alternative Fund’s current, official membership list/schedule in respect of the employees of the establishment making the application, must be included; You must submit individual signed motivational letters (example is included in the Form) from each employee;

• Copies of renewal letters from the Fund and underwriters must also be attached confirming all costs;

• To be eligible for an exemption, an establishment must be compliant, have an up-to-date account, and have all employees included on the alternative membership list;

• The Trustees of the HBSI Fund review the Fund on a yearly basis and strive to improve the benefits of the Fund for all Employees in the Industry. After reviewing the costs and benefits an updated Application Form is issued to reflect the changes. The industry is notified of changes to the HBSI Fund via the Council Chronicle, which is sent with the monthly returns;

Exemptions are only valid per calendar year; you must apply for exemption for all employees every year.

Exemption will only be granted if the alternative Fund is equal to or better than the HBSI Fund.

The next hearings are scheduled for 27 September 2023, 31 October 2023, 24 November 2023 and 8 December 2023.

Please consult the Council’s WEBSITE for the contact details of Agents in your area.

For more information, contact:


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