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Impilo Beaux Has the Solution to Maximise Your Sales!

Novex and Impilo Beaux has the solution for your client's homecare regime.


We have two avenues when it comes to benefiting from Novex.

1. Become a stockist or;

2. Use the Impilo Beaux online resellers portal, create the desired link to a product line and simply share that with your client. Your client link will be unique to your sales profile, and you will be able to track your sales and commission$$$. It is as simple as:

  • Spread the love and build your customer base during consultations

  • Log in to your unique Impilo Beaux Resellers profile and create tailored product bundles for your customer.

  • Share this unique shopping link with your customer for them to make the purchase

  • Once the sale has been completed, your 10% commission will be loaded to your profile. Save this commission for a rainy day or cash out as required, your choice! T&Cs apply.

3. Make use of both the above points 1&2, so if you run out of stock, don’t miss out, share the link and Impilo Beaux takes care of delivery.

8 Reasons to stock Novex

  • Brand number 1 in Brazil (Nielsen); ­­­­­­­

  • Cruelty Free;

  • Professional quality;

  • Products developed with natural ingredients;

  • Compatible with all hair types;

  • Vegan ranges available;

  • Multicultural: the brand of diversity;

  • 100% Brazillian Brand.

11 Amazing ranges to choose from;

Hair stylists and beauticians alike, the most important influencers in the trade!

A vast majority of your salon clientele are not purchasing their homecare maintenance products from your salon, so why miss out on earning commission on this side of retail? You know your customer the best, so why not recommend products that you can trust?

Find just the right NOVEX product range for your client’s hair and skin needs with our Diagnostic Tool!

So don’t miss out on retail sales commission - become a reseller today!!

1. Become a stockist:

Please complete these documents here

2. Become a Reseller:

Please complete these documents here

*Once you have completed the above documents you can email them to

If you want to get in touch or have questions get in touch here or call us on (021) 020 1480.

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