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Gary Rom Man Signature Barber

The Gary Rom Man Brand – Conceptualisation

The concept for the Gary Rom Man Signature Barber brand was born in the winter of 2019.

My son Calvin, and his good friend Mike were bow hunting in the Northern region of South Africa. Sitting around a campfire they conceptualised the idea of starting a bespoke barber brand that would be different to the offerings available throughout the country.

Gary Rom Man at Lynnwood Bridge was born in August 2019, and traded well until lockdown in 2020.

Since lockdown a further 10 stores have opened, the success and popularity of this offering has been unparalleled.

An Extraordinary Franchise Opportunity

The brand offers a true Man look and feel. French oak, exposed copper piping for water and electricity, red brick, black ceilings and painted skulls reflect the concept being born in the bush, and all work together to create an environment that is inviting, relaxing and ultimately an experience that is unique.

The operation is a turnkey solution: when a franchise is purchased, the prospective franchisee walks into a store where every aspect of the build has been provided. From the barbers, to the clippers and aprons, stationery and coffee, no stone is left unturned.

A Truly Unique Ambiance of Client Service and Rapport is the New Benchmark

Our host/hostess welcomes guests, with a “tapas” style menu of grooming services. You know as well as we do, that most people are inherently shoppers. We walk into retail environments every day wanting one thing, and leaving with another. So when clients walk into one of our barbers for a haircut, they will most likely leave with a beard trim, perhaps an eyebrow threading service, or a straight razor shave with hot steam. Most men will walk out “polished” after having experienced multiple services by one of our skilled barbers.

Our personable host/hostess explains retail offerings and services to each guest, ensuring that you are greeted on a first-name basis, creating rapport and warmth. Beverages, such as single malt whiskey and beer on tap, are offered to enhance your experience even further.

Should you prefer a different pick-me-up, the smell of coffee beans that have been freshly ground, offering delicious cappuccino or espresso, will have you coming back for more. The aroma permeates through the entire barbershop, thereby attracting interest from outsiders, as well as creates a European café sidewalk vibe.

Guests can sit and chat over coffee while waiting for their service. The “chill” factor and vibe of a Gary Rom Man Signature Barber is unequalled – You’ll most likely want to stay longer than you had anticipated. A complimentary shoeshine station is provided just outside the barbershop, for men that want a quick shoe polish and shine.

For barbers that are looking to join the fastest growing Man brand in South Africa, send your CV to

Franchise opportunities are available countrywide, interested parties can mail


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