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Milkshake Thanks the Industry and Shares Excitement About 2022

“Time flies when you have fun” - Albert Einstein

Wow, we can’t believe that it was 12 months ago that we started 2021 with the COVID cloud still hovering over us and we thought … how are we going to get through another year. Well, here we are at the end of 2021, and we have achieved great brand growth, thanks to our loyal milk_shake salon owners, dedicated milk_shake sales and distribution teams and the milk_shake admin team in Cape Town.

Not without its challenges, this year has proven to be an ongoing mental battle to remain positive, financial viable and personally healthy. It is absolutely amazing to witness our participating salon owners adapting to the challenges of the global lockdown, reduction in client bases and most of all, smaller and less frequent docket values. We are therefore extremely proud of our salons who have shown resilience during this troubling times and we commend them for remaining true to their craft, chasing their goals and objectives and most of all, working extremely hard to provide and income for their families. Well done to you all!

The milk_shake team plans to have yet another exciting year in 2022 with great product launches, professional and retail discount strategies and educational programmes focussing on both product and business activities. We look forward to the New Year to share these great initiatives with our salons and the market.

The milk_shake team remains positive about the hair industry in South Africa, especially with milk_shake Italy investing heavily globally to re-ignite our milk_shake salons’ professional and retail turnover in 2022.

For those families who have lost a loved one this year, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

We wish you and your loved ones a Blessed Festive Season and trust we will meet you in good health in 2022.


The milk_shake SA Team

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