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Exciting News and Season's Greetings from the Hairnews Team

The Hairnews Team would love to thank all the members of the hair and beauty industry in South Africa for their support and loyalty in the last year as we negotiated a successful recovery after such an eventful two years of covid!

We have some super exciting news from our Team here at Hairnews as we embark on a fabulous new adventure - our very own Jassy Mackenzie, after 25 awesome years in the industry as editor of The Hairdressers Journal and CEO and editor of Hairnews, has decided to hand the reins over to the Management Team as she focuses exclusively on her well known writing enterprises:

“With this amazing and experienced team of Belinda, Brad and Beth, whom you all know so well, it was an easy decision for us to make that the team should take over as the new co-owners of Hairnews and its subsidiary companies. I couldn’t be more excited about this. The Three Bs have a wealth of experience in industry media covering all the bases from sales to writing, from design to social media, and every detail in between.

As new owners, they will be guiding Hairnews from strength to strength, while also bringing fresh and innovative ideas, and new energy to the table. They have fabulous ideas for additional projects that will add value to the industry, build the relationships with our salons and hairstylists, and make sure fun and inspiration is had along the way!

Since going digital five years ago, Hairnews has vastly expanded its reach and readership, and I feel very proud to have been at the helm during this transition, and even prouder of the team who will now be taking it forward into the future. I will be following Hairnews closely, and cheering on the team and the industry from my writing desk!”

- Jassy Mackenzie

We have been so happy to bring the news of the industry to you, from exciting and fantastic new product and service launches to featuring local work by the stylists of your community and the salons, big and small.

In January, you can look out for big changes as we build an even stronger online platform for you!

Together we can build a stronger industry.

We wish you a peaceful, joyous Festive Season and great success for 2023!


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