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ESP: Industry Stats Update for April 2021

Hair and Beauty Industry Intelligence brought to you by ESP Salon & Spa Software – Africa’s top Selling Salon & Spa Management System.

The end of April 2021 marks exactly 1 year since our industry was locked down and we were not able to trade, in April 2020 there is no reported revenue for our sector so when doing year on year comparisons everything we have been able to achieve puts us in the black. From May 2020 onwards we had to reinvent ourselves and our businesses focusing on retail sales and the distribution of PPE.

From a statistics point of view we have compared April 2021 with April 2019. As a whole the industry is posting 1% less in total revenue despite seeing 13% less clients. This is as a direct result of clients spending on average 17% more per docket. The standout performer in April is the Beauty industry which has significantly increased both the service and retail spend per transaction as well as the number of transactions when compared to the hair industry which has seen a decrease on all fronts.

These stats are drawn from the ESP client base that make use of our Business Intelligence service. These businesses owners are actively involved in their businesses and use the BI to track and understand the trends which allow them to formulate and implement strategies that will make a meaningful difference to the bottom line.

To find out how to implement strategies to improve your revenue and monitor the results contact the ESP Connect team and get your complimentary BI and consultation free.


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