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Connect with Us! Kevin.Murphy’s Exciting Event: COLOR.ME GLOSS & THE FUTURE

Join the Kevin.Murphy Team on February 20th, 2023 – Johannesburg and March 13th in Cape Town, for our newest launch COLOR.ME GLOSS and our 2023 Plan for the Future.

Twincare International has always been at the forefront of the industry with their latest and greatest innovation launches. To start the year off, KEVIN.MURPHY will be hosting an event in both Johannesburg on the 20th February 2023 and in Cape Town on the 13th March 2023 with the Launch of their 2023 plan, this consisting of their new addition to their COLOR.ME line up – GLOSS.

Introducing COLOR.ME GLOSS, the newest range in the COLOR.ME lineup uniquely designed as a colour and treatment in one. Luminous, demi-permanent colour goes beyond shine to reconstruct and deeply moisturise the hair for incredible strength that increases every time you colour. A modern selection of SHADE options and a variety of application techniques allow for a completely customisable hair experience.

Kevin.Murphy’s 2023 Plan

The team will be covering the innovations they plan to launch in the year of 2023 as well as what lies ahead for the brand with more detail focusing on Product Launches and Education.

The Johannesburg event will be held at Twincare International in Sunninghill, Midrand while the Cape Town event will be held at the beautiful 180 Lounger on Bree Street in Cape Town.

Enjoy the show, great food and friendly company as they present to you a sneak preview of the future.

Stay Connected and Don’t Miss Out.

As a special thank you for joining us, there will also be a gift bag included as well as one night only deals available to attendees only!

For more information contact:

Andrew Young – / 071 480 5151

Kiara De Lange – / 060 526 6336


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