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Career Flexibility – Chair Rental or Space Rental in Stunning Furnished Studio in Greenside, JHB

Do you need a base to work your styling magic?

The PHD Hairdressing would like to take this opportunity to support professionals who prefer to work for themselves by opening up PHD’s doors on a rental basis!

  • OPTION 1: A fixed price per chair per day on a pay-as-you-go basis in the main salon.

  • OPTION 2: Monthly Rental of a furnished Studio where you can run your own little business on a lease option.

Flexibility in your creative life

Professionals that only need a space for a day, for a week, or even for a full month will now be able to book a space for a pre-determined time. You’ll only pay for that time, making it easier for you to manage your cash flow and your own business.

Delicious Coffee and Treats Too! BICA Bean to Cup Coffee Shop Right on the Premises

You and your guests can also enjoy a little taste of Portugal when visiting you at PHD for their hair.

BICA Bean to Cup is a quaint little coffee shop kiosk offering all the favourite Portugues sweet and savoury treats from the famous Pasteis de Nata, various rissoles, cakes, tarts and fantastic gourmet sandwiches with fabulous Presunto, chourico, cheese, vegetable preserve and other favourite fillings.

Please feel free to go view our website at

If you have questions or require more info on our “Rent a Space” please contact us:

Whatsapp: 066 489 3161


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