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Care & Maintenance of Summer Blondes – Stock Up with Wella & System Professional Retail

Outlast the summer with Wella and System Professional Summer. It’s a time for ice cream and swimming, picnics and hiking, waking up early and staying out late. It’s drive-with-the-windows-down time, happy time, holiday time. But summer fades. The good news is that your Summer Blondes don’t have to fade along with the sun. With Wella Professionals and System Professional home care and maintenance products your Summer Blondes will outlast even the longest summer!

The best care and maintenance products

Keep your blonde clients looking gorgeous all through the summer with the best care and maintenance products available from Modern Hair & Beauty:

Wella Professionals Invigo Blonde Recharge Shampoo with Blonde-Recharge Blend™. Maintains the brightness and vibrancy of natural, coloured or highlighted blondes. It has a soft, powdery floral fragrance and contains colour-depositing pigments that refresh blonde tones and help eliminate brassiness. Ideal for maintaining cool blonde.

Wella Professionals Fusion Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask is an instant and long-lasting hair care recovery regimen. Fusion helps repair damaged hair and protects against further breakage. Even the most damaged hair will feel renewed, smooth, elastic and resilient. It has an elegant and luxurious floriental woody fragrance. Ideal for fine, damaged hair.

System Professional Silver Shampoo neutralises yellow, orange, and brassy pigments to leave an even, cool tone. Purple shampoo with blue/purple pigments corrects warm and dull tones in both light and lightened hair to ensure that colour stays light and bright. Ideal for grey or blonde hair that is highlighted, colour treated, bleached, or naturally light.

System Professional Solar is a range designed to protect the hair from summer's most damaging elements: harsh UV rays, pool chlorine, and salt. Pre-sun and post-sun treatments prevent colour-fading, brassiness, breakage, and green pool hair. Unique HelioRestore formula restores the hair's moisture balance by removing residues of SPF sunscreen, salt and chlorinated water and penetrating into the hair to replenish hydration and build up its structure. Perfect for clients who struggle with green hair.

System Professional Hydrate Conditioner, Quenching Mist and Treatment are excellent for daily hydration and for protection against the hair drying out. The lightweight formula deeply restores dry hair's moisture balance and enriches it with long-term moisture.

Stock up with Wella Professionals and System Professional for your salon To stock Wella Professionals or System Professional in your salon call MHB Telesales on 0860 104 109 or contact your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative.

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