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Business Blog 31 May 2023: Muscle Builds your Reception - Your Key Frontline Person

Too little is said about the role of receptionists in the success of your business. Reception is not just a person, it is a function.

In fact, it should be seen as a part of your salon's management team which is why I like to refer to receptionists as front-desk managers. So even if you don't have a full-time person in the job, whoever answers the phone or deals with the client at the desk is playing that role.

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression and that the front desk is both the first and last contact clients have with your business.

What you are really looking for is a balance between effectiveness and efficiency. Efficiency will ensure the admin is done properly and effectiveness will make sure clients keep coming back.

Appointments are Time – Sell Them

Booking appointments is an exercise in selling time. We all know how important it is to get appointment details right, but did you ever consider that “selling” appointment times could increase your monthly turnover by 20-30%. We know certain times of the day, week or month are more popular than others.

For example, the value of a Monday appointment is nowhere near the value of a Friday or Saturday appointment. Likewise, appointments might be more popular in the first and last week of the month and less popular in the middle two weeks. The trick is to try to book appointments during those quieter times. Popular appointment times are popular for a reason so try to avoid booking those until the last minute. AND the receptionist has the important role and opportunity to “sell” the quieter times.

The Receptionist Helps Ensure Re-Booking

Re- book before the client leaves the salon. It’s great to see bookings at the beginning of each week. There is nothing worse than starting the week with an empty appointment book. The advantages of booking clients’ next appointment are numerous: it makes it so much easier to achieve turnover targets. Clients enjoy the benefits of your services the more often they visit your salon plus, they end up spending 15-20% more each year.

Retail Sales can Make Your Front-Desk Manager an Indispensable Client Sales Point

An effective front-desk manager can Increase retail sales by 20-25%.

The 80% of clients who do not repurchase products before leaving the salon usually are simply not asked to. Stylists are busy attending to the client’s immediate needs and often don’t remember to remind clients about home care. By just browsing each client's buying history, your front-desk manager can provide a subtle reminder as she is finalising the client's docket. If they earn commission on their retail sales, the results could be surprising! Why waste such a golden opportunity to increase your income stream?

Every role counts in your business team.

- Terry Miles, MD of My Salon Software


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