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Available Now from Impilo Beaux: Novex's Dr Hemp Vegan Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment Kit

Transform your clients’ hair with Novex’s exciting Dr Hemp Brazilian Hair Straightening 100% Vegan Treatment Kit.

Keeps hair calm, silken and lustrous for up to 10 weeks!

Hemp and its essential oil cannabis sativa is well known for its health-promoting benefits and it’s now available to South African salons and stockists from Impilo Beaux.

Thank you Beautiful Creations for sharing the before and after using our amazing Novex Hemp Vegan Straightening Kit

Keep hair calm with the Dr Hemp Vegan straightening kit.

Click HERE to view the step by step process.

Easy application with professional, smooth, silky and lustrous results, every time.

For a super powerful and very effective Brazilian vegan straightening, we have a great launch for salons:

The Novex Dr. Hemp Straightening Kit!

• Anti-Residue Shampoo 30ml

• Straightening Cream 150ml

• Shampoo 30ml

• Conditioner 30ml

For best results use the Novex Hemp Blindagem Hair Shield 100ml prior to flat ironing (not included in the kit).

Keeps hair silken, sleek and straight for up to 10 weeks, naturally with our 100% vegan formula.

The key ingredient of this formula is the hemp seed oil cannabis sativa. This powerful oil contains fatty acids, including omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, to aid in growth and healthy hair. It protects against thermal aggressions (transformation processes, dryer and hair board), strengthens and seals the hair cuticles, creating a protective barrier mitigating damage and frizz caused by stress.

The finished result is polished, incredibly smooth and healthy, shiny hair!

Novex’s Dr Hemp Brazilian Vegan Straightening Treatment

• 100% organic hemp seed oil

• Thermal protective

• Humidity resistant

• Instant result

• Suitable for all hair types

Easily available from Implio Beaux now.

Contact us to become a stockist.

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About Impilo Beaux

Impilo Beaux inspires an improved way of living. Our range of top-quality hair products allows you to unleash your inner charm and live your life with unwavering confidence. Our network of partners allows us to provide South Africa with the best in hair and beauty at reasonable pricing, granting everyone the opportunity to embrace a fresh, positive and elegant lifestyle. Impilo Beaux exclusively partners with ethical and sustainable brands that are focused on creating a better future. Our business will only partner with brands that firmly uphold strong moral and ethical values that go beyond the ideals of profitability and ego.


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