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Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System Has Launched: In Stock, Special Discount Price for Salons

Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System…

In Stock Now & 20% OFF!

Affirm® Conditioning Relaxer system for sensitive scalp is a Guanidine Hydroxide. Most Guanidine Hydroxide relaxers dry the hair- causing breakage, which leads to most people avoiding relaxers.

The Affirm® Conditioning Relaxer Systems provides hair with extra moisture. Affirm® Guanidine Hydroxide relaxer conditions the hair retaining 79% of original fibre elasticity, which leaves your hair with more moisture, volume, shine and that silky feeling.

NB: It is important not to wash your hair at least a week before doing a relaxer service since hydroxide relaxers can be irritating to the skin.

- Mxolisi Mncwango, Head of Education at Avlon South Africa


This product was introduced to me over a year ago and my hair has never been so strong and sleek. I have experienced less breakage and split ends, with my favourite part of the process being the Positive Link Treatment that leaves my hair supple and strong without fail. Very happy thus far!

Client at MSYK Hair Salon, Mulbarton

For order or enquiries, please contact the Avlon South Africa Sales Manager:

Dee Chakela

Tel: +2773 697 4370

Instagram: @avlon.southafrica


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