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Accessible Online Education for the Hair Industry: Pivot Point International from All Hair Solutions

All Hair Solutions, distributors of the professionals-only product lines of Keune SA, are proud to feature Pivot Point International Education – The internationally trusted education platform in the hair and beauty industry with 60 years of leadership.

We at All Hair Solutions have been working with Pivot Point since 1998, already a fixture in South African hair industry education offerings since the early 1970's. At All Hair Solutions, education is our highest priority and we endeavour to provide the best education to the industry. Focused exclusively on the beauty and hair industry, Pivot Point’s technology platform, educational curriculum, tools, kits and mannequins are trusted by industry professionals and hundreds of thousands of students on six continents each year. Pivot Point International is continuously innovating to meet our industry’s changing needs.

Register now to start your education and jumpstart your career in the hair and beauty industry – where a South African qualification can land you a career either at home in South Africa or abroad! Stylists are in demand around the globe. Why shouldn’t you shoot for a career that not only encourages your talent but inspires and energises your creativity. Make your career something you will thrive in!

As an online educational platform, Pivot Point effectively helps you continue with your training "out of class”. The platform works on cell phones, tablets and laptops and across both Android and Apple as a web-based platform accessible to everyone.

60+ Years of Leadership

It all began in 1962 when world-renowned hairdresser Leo Passage revolutionized education in the beauty industry.

1953 - The Pursuit of Purpose

As a teenager, Leo Passage assists in his father’s barbershop in Belgium. Moving to the Netherlands to apprentice in a salon owned by a friend of his father’s—who happened to be the president of the Dutch Hairdressing Federation—Leo becomes inspired by beautiful hair and the creative world of competition.

“Seek and appreciate the best mentors in your life. Surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude and always believe in you. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning and make your career a hobby so you have fun doing it.” - Leo Passage

An Icon Emerges

Leo won more than 100 European competition awards, including the Championship of Holland in 1957 and received an invitation to join the Dutch Olympic Hairdressing Team. Leo would later be recognized by Modern Salon as one of the top 50 hairdressers of all time.

With a deep desire to share his knowledge and talents, Leo opened a beauty school in Chicago, offering classes to both professionals and students. He starts with five students and would eventually grow it into a network of millions around the globe. Pivot Point is born!

A New Standard for Beauty Education

Pivot Point's Scientific Approach sets a new standard for hair education by defining a universal design language and logical concepts that explain “why" techniques produce predictable results as well as “how” to perform them. Four basic length arrangements and their combinations are identified and color-coded for consistent reference in all future libraries. Mathematics professors help develop accurate terminology that can be translated into different languages. This becomes one of Pivot Point’s most widely translated education programs, and its timeless concepts continue to be taught all over the world.

“At Pivot Point, we believe in the importance of teaching a hair designer the why behind the how something works. Knowing how only results in technical skills. Knowing why allows the freedom to create.” - Leo Passage, Founder of Pivot Point

The First One-Stop Shop For Beauty Schools

By making educational content, hair and tools available in one place, Pivot Point becomes the first single-source school supplier. Student kit options are highly customizable and have been market-tested by students, educators and professionals.

“Having a Pivot Point Academy and understanding the day-to-day activities of running a school provides us with a unique research-and-development competitive advantage.” - Robert Passage

The Evolution Of Online Learning – The 2000’s

Pivot Point introduces LAB (Learn About Beauty), a groundbreaking online learning platform built specifically for the beauty industry. LAB combines best-in-class educational content with a collaborative ecosystem that supports multiple learning styles, capturing the progress of learners within a social learning platform. Communities of learners are encouraged to collaborate and share accomplishments through activities, games and feedback - blurring the lines between learning and fun.

“Learners prefer to actively discover information, rather than have it told to them. They enjoy collaborating with peers, getting feedback along the way and expect to do it all digitally.” - Sabine Held-Perez, Assistant Vice President of Education Strategy & Development

Real-World Education – Now Comprehensively Catering to Both the Hair and Beauty Industries

Specifically designed for the digital environment and a blended learning experience, the launch of Pivot Point Fundamentals offers a flexible and modularized library for Cosmetology (2016), Barbering (2018), Esthetics (2020) and Nails (2022), focusing on teaching students to be successful professionals. Pivot Point Fundamentals is a comprehensive beauty education library designed for successful licensure pass rates and entry-level proficiency. Pivot Point’s extensive involvement in the professional industry helps create curriculum designed to make students more “salon-ready.”

“Technical skills are only one part of the overall service. The details leading up to the service and after the service should not be overlooked.” - Vasiliki Stravrakis, Senior Director of Education Research

Academy Recognition

In 2022, Pivot Point Academy has been awarded the Golden School Award as School of the Year at the annual American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) conference in New Orleans. Pivot Point Academy is recognized in the tier one category, which includes school groups with less than 400 total students.

Contributing To A More Just World

Pivot Point continues to commit to a more equitable world by providing tools and inspiration to support diversity and inclusion across our industry. These include publishing an industry-specific DEI-B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) reference guide for schools, special mannequins to help beauty schools more effectively teach texture, adding additional texture content to our learning platform and launching a competition to give learners and their instructors professional industry recognition for their texture designs.

Watch this space for future Pivot Point milestones, innovations and achievements…

A Story Still Being Told

Pivot Point will continue to represent the best of our industry - providing cutting-edge content, tools and technology that empower schools, educators, learners, salons and beauty professionals to enjoy their greatest success. We invite you to be part of the story!

To quote Pivot Point’s original textbook A Scientific Approach to Hair Design “This book does not end on the final page. It begins here.”

Leo's guiding spirit and passion remain with us today—and will endure tomorrow.

“In life, we start here and end there. What we do in between makes a difference.” - Leo Passage

Our Purpose

Positively impact learning and development within the global hair, beauty and wellness industries; fostering sustainable careers that endure.

For more information on how to be part of the global learning experience, please email or call: 011 791 3644.


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