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Become a Dyson Supersonic Stockist Salon

Once they’ve experienced it in the salon, many clients will fall in love with the incredible quietness and the astonishing silky, smooth, speedy results offered by the Dyson Supersonic, and want to use it themselves at home. Now, they can benefit from the amazing capabilities of the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer – and as a stockist salon, you can market and sell this incredible dryer to them and benefit too!

Now, you can become a stockist of this sought-after tool, benefiting from the sales and ensuring that clients who purchase this must-have hairdryer, do so through your salon. What a perfect opportunity for them to treat themselves and their friends to a top-performing, luxury tool that will maintain their hair in healthy, undamaged condition and make blow-drying a breeze!

The Dyson Supersonic consumer edition contains all the fabulous features you love about the Professional edition.

• Intelligent heat control for ultra-reliable results with zero damage and a shiny, frizz-free finish

• Super-quiet and ultra-powerful motor for a faster blowdry

• With the motor in the handle, it is perfectly balanced for a client doing at-home drying

• Light and comfortable to use

• Snap-on, snap-off magnetic attachments

As an added bonus, a colour option for the Dyson Supersonic consumer dryer is the beautiful Fuschia Pink!

Although clients who love a straight, smooth finish already know the incredible benefits and shine offered by the Dyson Supersonic, the curl diffuser offers magical results, and is a huge selling point for curly haired clients who want healthy, springy, beautiful curls with zero damage. Take a look at this video – how many of your clients would love this result?

Please contact Dyson to find out about the special stockist price that will allow your salon to benefit from the sales made to happy clients! Customer Helpline: 087 807 9353 | email:

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