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Colour Inspiration 2020

This year, we open up into summer in a completely different world, with a brand new social landscape that we are all still navigating.

Even though we live in challenging times, the truth is that they are exciting too! Lockdown has brought with it new hair trends, new maintenance problems to overcome, more clients requesting a complete change, more clients going experimental, more clients returning to natural grey, and the need for salons to think out of the box when it comes to meeting clients’ needs.

At the same time, summer trends are still forging ahead. Lockdown or no lockdown, the brilliant reds, blondes, pastels and pearlescents are winning the hearts of fashionistas all over the country. And product technology is taking leaps and bounds, meaning that services can be shorter, more creative, and more effective.

The 2020 Colour Supplement brings you fresh ideas and timely insights from top local and international trendsetters and educators, that will help you to create colours and trends according to every budget, that your clients love. Enjoy!


Product Overview

Choose the most effective and relevant products and ranges for your salon’s creative needs and clientele from this awesome selection.

• Milkshake: New Generation Colour, Lightener and Maintenance Range

• Goldwell Elumenation 2020 Cool Chic Shades: Coming Soon!

• Why Choose Wella as Your Salon’s Exclusive Colour Line

• Switch to Muk Affordable High Performance Colour

• Latitude by Sue: Colours to Work your Magic

• To Dye For: Semi Permanent Ammonia Free Colour

• Be Part of the Colour Revolution with Colorsense

Trend Overview

What will the most sought-after shades be, going into summer and post-lockdown? Read and enjoy!

• Pearl and Pastel Trends with Thomas Hills from TH1 Hair, UK

• Watch: Trend Interview with Muk SA Ambassador Chase Meakin.

• Summer Blonde Focus and Money Pieces with Bernadine Malan of Beauty on First

• Balayage and Other Budget Friendly Options with Elizma Crous, National Education Manager for Modern Hair & Beauty

• Time Savers, Statement Colour and Magical Maintenance with Hannes Greyling of Effects Hair

• High Fashion Colour Trends and Grey Advice with Salome de Wet of Look

• Red Inspiration for Summer by Reana Viljoen, Milkshake Haircare Technician

• Bold Reds and Punchy Pastel Trends by Steph Peckmore from Bad Apple Hair, UK


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Goldwell Elumenation 2020 Cool Chic Shades: Coming Soon!

In 2020, cool is one of the hottest terms. The fabulous new Cool Chic Elumenated Shades are beautiful and wearable, adding extraordinary brilliance and shine to every colour.

They provide the opportunity for extraordinary creative colour services, with all the tools you need to take every look to the next level!

Elumenated Shades in Topchic:

9N@Pk inspired by SAKURA PINK, 7BP@Pk inspired by RICH TEA and 6NN@CV inspired by COCO DE MER

Elumenated Shades in Colorance Express Toning

@Elumenated Lavender is inspired by LILATECH, @Elumenated Beige Mint by NEO MINT and @Elumenated Rosé by SAKURA PINK

Elumenated Shades in Pure Pigments

The new shade Cool Pink is inspired by CASSIS

For more information on these stunning shades which are arriving on SA shores soon, contact your Kao sales consultant, email kevin.tabilo@kao.com, or call 011 312 5070.



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“A New Pearly Dawn”

Thomas Hills from TH1 Hair, UK, predicts post lockdown colour trends.

When it comes to colour, I think clients will be more inspired by nature, after having time to appreciate it more.

Hair colours inspired by the sky – from pale pink dawns to midday blues and shimmering dark twilight colours – will be a trend, think soft pearlised hues. It’s a natural move on from last season’s hottest shade: pearlescent opal. Post lockdown will also bring in plenty of pearlescent shades of brunette and blonde. Pearly silver will be worked into warmer golden shades of blonde for a wearable alternative to last season’s opal. Cool milky and mineralised brunette tones are also a progression from opal and pearl.

Pearlised blonde can be quite easily blended bespoke to flatter a natural blonde client’s complexion, regardless of its tone. So, for example, for warm-toned skin I would add more warm pigments and keep more golden hued sections around the face, weaving the more subtle pearly white shades away from the face.

For cooler complexions I would simply opt for more pinky pearlescent-white shades and work these in more heavily.

Watch this fabulous interview with the trendsetting colour expert Chase Meakin, Muk South Africa ambassador.

Summer Blonde Focus and Money Pieces with Bernadine Malan of Beauty on First

Q: Are you going to be recommending changes to your blonde clients this summer and if so what are some of the main ways you will change their colour to remain on trend?

A: Every new season brings the opportunity for a fresh new trendy blonde but this summer is unlike ever we have had before as so many people went up to three months without colouring their hair at all! This gave me so much more opportunity to make huge blonde changes . I’ve been doing allot of natural colour blending Into bright blondes as so many people don’t want to get stuck in a scenario where it’s illegal to just colour their roots again! There has also been a huge amount of young people requesting a “money piece” Colour placement . So I’ve started recommending them to more clients as a cute blonde feature onto their regular colors

Q: Let’s talk about the enduring popularity of reds. What shades of red do you predict being most sought after this season?

A: This season I predict bright golden coppers and deep magenta reds . Almost every week I consult for requests on those two shades, so they are definitely more popular than the others .

Q: Has lockdown changed your salon’s approach to colour – if so in what ways?

A: We have made safety the no 1 policy for all colour clients as so many people seem themselves high risk and still are not comfortable being in a public setting . At Beauty on first we have made a separate colour bar where clients are able to do a drive through tint application where they are completely isolated and just come in to have the colour applied . We are also still making home kits for clients with step by step instructions . All of these services only apply for root tints and require a virtual consultation to prepare.

Balayage and Other Budget Friendly Options with Elizma Crous, National Education Manager for Modern Hair & Beauty

Q: What do you predict this summer’s biggest trends in blonde will be?

A: The popularity of balayage continues to grow, and every stylist needs to stock a wide selection of light and natural blonde shades to ensure you are fully equipped to achieve the most beautiful looks which graduate from high contrast to soft harmony.

Q: Some clients are on a tighter budget post pandemic. What are your suggestions for more affordable options for fabulous colour and maintenance ideas?

A: The Balayage hair trend have been around for a few years and is nothing particularly new but I have noticed that people’s interest in the technique has skyrocketed after the pandemic. Most balayages look better the longer you leave them to grow out, meaning that the regrowth will enhance the look. At Wella Professionals we find the glossing services available in KPME+, Colour Touch and Illumina that are intermixed with our treatments are very popular, as they enhance the tonality and maintain the look for a few months so it works out very cost effective. Plus, they only take 15 minutes to develop.

Q: Has lockdown changed your salon’s approach to colour – if so in what ways?

A: Yes definitely - Less is more. Stylists have realised that they are not charging enough for the colour services that they offered. The biggest reason for this is that they were afraid to lose clients by raising prices. What they have now realised is that with seeing less clients per day and charging their worth, they can generate more income, by working smarter and not harder.

Beautiful Balayage Effects

Time saving, statement colour services and focus on maintenance with Hannes Greyling of Effects Hair

Q: What do you predict this summer’s biggest trends in blonde will be?A: I believe we will be seeing even more of the low maintenance "unkept" hair, so more shadow roots and balayage techniques that give the illusion of minimal effort. I also see the "money piece" or a chunky solid blonde streak in the fringe has hit our shores, sometimes in combination with a balayage and often even as a single flash of colour.Q: Some clients are on a tighter budget post pandemic. What are your suggestions for more affordable options for fabulous colour and maintenance ideas?A: Don't skimp out on professional products! Proper home care can prolong your clients’ colour much longer, and using the right products will leave their hair feeling and looking like they’ve just stepped out of the salon.Ensure you stock a range that meets your clients’ budget at this time. Professional lines that are local, like Biosense, don't have the additional import costs etc that some of the international brands have, but they deliver the same great results.Q: Has lockdown changed your salon’s approach to colour – if so in what ways?A: People are looking for the most impact for the least amount of money, so I had to make sure my colour line (Colorsense from Biosense) can deliver vibrant colour without fading. A strong statement colours also satisfies the client's need for a change.Clients want to spend less time in the salon, so using new techniques and making the most of the time, we can design styles and colours that look fresh and fashionable, while cutting down on time in the chair.

High Fashion Colour Trends and Grey Advice with Salome de Wet of Look

Q: Do you think high fashion colours will be more popular or not so popular this season and what would you say the most sought after fashion shades will be?

A: High fashion colors are definitely here to stay in my opinion, although the fashion shades are moving to more pastel/ muted versions of the shades. After COVID I feel that some of our clients have taken a “yolo” approach on their hair and taking bigger fashion risks. Various clients are also able to work from home and finally able to push the boundaries of their hair color and styles. I believe the coming season key colours will be a variety of power pastels such as shades of rosy pinks, mauve lilac, frosted minty greens, soft teals & warm and cool versions of yellow.

Q: What advice would you give a client who is undecided about letting their grey grow out?

A: I absolutely love when clients grow out their own natural grey. My best advice will firstly be to avoid trying to match the color. In my opinion you will waste loads of money and time. Any hairstylist will have massive difficulties matching artificial colour to your beautiful dimensional grey. Grow your roots out for as far as you possibly can and cut your hair short! Start all over. I believe when wanting to embrace your own grey, it can be quite aging. My advice is always to compliment the grey hair with a modern cut. This balances the look out to be more trendy. Finish the look up by adding bright lips to your day!

Q: Has lockdown changed your salon’s approach to colour – if so in what ways?

A: I wouldn’t say it has really changed my approach to colour. I have been affected by the amount of clients I can see and the limited space. I have been taking more time with each of my clients which I have been enjoying so much. I feel taking that extra time have been such a gift as most clients not only have lockdown roots, they feel like they need a good change after the traumatic time we have all been through. One thing we have noticed is that more clients are requesting low maintenance colours to be done, most of the clients are moving from scalp bleaches to a more natural looking balayage type of service. They are more budget conscious and they realized the convenience of having low maintenance hair throughout lockdown.

Red Inspiration for Summer by Reana Viljoen, Milkshake Haircare Technician

Q: Some clients are on a tighter budget post pandemic. What are your suggestions for more affordable options for fabulous colour and maintenance ideas?

A: A lot of clients began growing out their natural or grey hair during Lockdown. With that most clients only need to touch-up their regrowth every 4-6 weeks. Time is also money so if you offer a fast-acting colour option then it is quicker for the client and you – the new 9 Minute Permanent Color from Milk_shake is an example of a perfect colour for a “lunch time Quickie”.

I would also suggest doing a balayage or root melting on clients, this will extend the life of the clients colour and this is lower maintenance. With all that said, invest in the best home care product, to not only protect your colour but that will also maintain and keep your colour vibrant and shiny for longer.

Suggestions products:

•Milk_shake Color Whipped Cream

•Milk_shake Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Q: Let’s talk about the enduring popularity of reds. What shades of red do you predict being most sought after this season?

A: When it comes to a high impact colour, nothing beats reds. Red hair are attention grabbing and vibrant.

Personally I believe anybody can be a redhead, all you have to do is finding the correct/right shade for their complexion. For me, the most popular red this season is the Bright intense red. My three favourites are listed below:

Bright Red - This bright and intense red goes beautifully with brown eyes and golden, olive completions.

Red copper – this rich red with orange tones will suit your golden skin types, perfectly matched with hazel brown, green and blue eyes.

Mahogany – this cooler red tone will suit any cool tones of skin and is the perfect match with brown and blue eyes.

Q: Has lockdown changed salon’s approach to colour – if so in what ways?

A: Yes! Many clients have grown out their natural hair colour and have seen that they can wait a week or two longer before doing a colour service again. This for salons mean that more clients will do less colour, so instead of doing a colour 4-6 weeks they will do a colour only every 8-12 weeks or even completely stop doing a colour service in salon. So rather than stop doing colour, many stylists are now recommending root shadow/colour melting and balayage because it’s lower maintenance and helps to extend the life of a clients hair colour.

During lockdown most of the clients started using box dye and this for stylists meant dealing with colour correction much more frequently, as well as dealing with longer roots, so that precise application is more important than ever before.

“Bold Red and Punchy Pastels”

Steph Peckmore from Bad Apple Hair, UK, predicts spring-summer colour trends.

Red was last season’s standout shade, and as an organic development of that trend, we’re now seeing even more amplified takes on rouge for Spring/Summer 2020 and this time the colour is even more intense and the effect even more extreme. It’s certainly not a shade for wallflowers, but if your clients are looking for this summer’s alternative to the high-maintenance platinum and white that usually fills up their Insta feed over the summer months, then this is it.

Pastels are back, and packing a powerful punch. From violent violet and Tipex-white streaks, to imposing lemon and candyfloss, powdery pastels appeared in many Fashion Week shows. What truly defines the new season’s pastels is that they’re intense, concentrated and authoritative. The key to nailing this differential and ensuring pastels look modern is to use shades that are fundamentally muted and delicate, but place them and deliver them with punch. One effective technique is to use two so-similar-they-clash colours against each other, which that beautifully unpredictable powerful pastel punch.

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