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ChopChop – Exciting New App for Salons

ChopChop is a proudly South African app that provides salons a platform to earn revenue otherwise lost, grow their client base, and reward loyal clients.

Salons fill their empty slots, while clients are guaranteed discounted appointments.

Simply add an appointment, a discount, and get booked. Clients pay when the salon accepts the booking.

With no downside or hidden fees, ChopChop is a win-win solution for both salons and clients.

• Salons list appointment slots at discounted rates (minimum 5%).

• Add slots as they become available, or in advance.

​• Salons create and view appointment statuses as their day progresses.

• Turn slow traffic days or cancelled appointments into opportunities.

• ChopChop takes payment via the app to secure the booking.

• No sign-up or monthly subscription fees.

• A percentage of successful appointments is paid as a fee to ChopChop.

• Salons are paid weekly.

Grow your client base

• Salons grow their client base and increase their online and social media presence.

• Attract new clients with the growing ChopChop audience.

• Salons are encouraged to let their clients know they’re on ChopChop, and to download the app.

• Clients tell their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends – you get the picture.

Salons that register in 2020 will receive a free training session that helps enhance their salon’s social media presence.

Ready to get on board? Here’s how: 1. Register on the app or fill out a form on 2. A consultant will discuss the agreement and approve your business. 3. Log into the app and set up your salon’s profile. 4. Add an appointment, and get bookings.

Easy installation:

Visit the Android or iOS store to download ChopChop.

Visit and sign up to receive regular updates.

Chat to us:

Contact us on:

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