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Create Textured, Ultra-Cool Men’s Styles with the Latest Products from Reuzel

Men’s barbering brand, Reuzel has just dropped two new products on South African shores. The latest additions to the Reuzel repertoire will surely make sculpting styles a breeze.

Both products are the go-to for gritty, textured looks: Think just-in from a breezy-bike ride or a day spent surfing the seas. And both add an ultra-cool, lived-in feel to your haircuts.

Gentleman (and ladies) meet the newly launched Reuzel Clay Spray and Reuzel Fiber Cream.

In short, the Clay Spray is similar to a wax and in a few sprays is easily applied, evenly distributed through the hair, and gives hair a worn-in texture. The Fiber Cream is also a go-to for texture but with the benefit that it is pliable and adds volume.

If you’re familiar with Reuzel you may want to skip to the product get down. If not, read why the brand has created a bit of a riot in many a barbershop.

Reuzel, started by Schorem Barbers Leen and Bertus, is probably the men’s grooming line for what’s referred to as a Gentleman Scumbag – a top-class man influenced by rock n roll, Kustom culture, and a working-class ethic. A man that finds himself resonating with- or is a part of an expressive sub-culture that is evident in his swag, his style, and his attitude. Don’t mistake this man as an absolute scumbag – this is a man with taste – he just doesn’t allow pop culture to dictate it. He’s probably found a fit with other scumbags - a group of previously known ‘misfits’-; greasers, psychobillies, rockers, and ruffians.

This type of man needs grooming products that allow him to express himself and his unique style in the best way. And barbers and stylists need something that accentuates their client’s swag and their own creative flair.

Reuzel’s line-up is just that: A range of men’s products suited to both barber and client that boosts custom cuts and allows hair to be worn in a classic fashion or one that’s little more rebellious.

Now for the latest editions – texture products: one for a wilder style and one for the somewhat more contained.

Reuzel Clay Spray

A light hold, no shine, water-soluble styling product. The Reuzel Clay Spray adds texture, thickness, and definition that leaves hair with a matte finish and light hold. The Spray helps achieve a dry, gritty, lived-in look. It also controls frizz, adds thickness and volume, and works well on all hair types.

Spray the Clay Spray into hair when you blowdry or on top of any Reuzel pomade or styling product. For a more natural look use on its own and spray into towel-dried hair or dry hair and style as desired.


Reuzel’s signature T-4 Tonic Blend:

• Witch hazel extract - natural astringent

• Nettle Leaf Extract - thickening

• Rosemary - moisturising

• Horse Tail Root - Strengthening

Scumbassador Tip:

Apply the Clay Spray on damp hair, blowdry and style as desired. Layer the Clay Matte Pomade over the top for a more defined texture.

Reuzel Fibre Cream

The Fiber Cream is a product with medium, pliable hold, low shine, and is water soluble. Use it to add thickness, fullness, and texture to styles.

It’s pliable/flexible hold is easy to rework hair after styling and it works well on short to medium length hair. It also has a subtle sugary-rum fragrance.

Apply the Reuzel Fiber Cream liberally to damp hair or to lightly dried hair and style as desired. Let hair air dry naturally if applied to damp hair.


Reuzel’s signature T-4 Tonic Blend:

• Witch hazel extract - natural astringent

• Nettle Leaf Extract - thickening

• Rosemary - moisturising

• Horse Tail Root - Strengthening

Scumbassador tip

Apply the Fiber Cream on damp hair and style as desired. Layer the Fiber Pomade over the top for a more defined texture.

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About Reuzel


The founders of Reuzel, Leen and Bertus, started learning men’s haircutting when they were just fourteen years old. With their love of classic barbering and the influences of Rock ’n Roll, Kustom-Kulture and its subcultures, it was inevitable that one day Leen and Bertus would open Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier, an old-school, men’s only barbershop in the heart of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

With more than 50 years of barbering and grooming experience, these barbers formulated pomades worthy of their exacting standards. They dug deep into the history of pomades to formulate Reuzel, believed to be the world’s finest pomade.

Reuzel is the Dutch word for lard and is merely a wink to the past when pomades were made from animal fats and fragranced with apple.

Reuzel products do not contain animal fats.

Create classic and modern styles favoured by greasers, psychobilly’s, rockers, and other fine gentlemen with Reuzel grooming and styling products – from shampoo, to blow-dry, to finish.


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