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Styles: Malak by Gema Moreno

Malak explores the rich hues of the blue of the sky and the sea from Málaga, an object of calm to those who observe it. The protagonists are young millennials, whose connecting link is the waves of curly hair in its different variants, even more with the curved geometries that are drawn on their face. The result are volumes and waves that welcome those who look at them, surprising and at the same time soft shapes that reflect a landscape that reaches out through a calm and lively gaze, rich profiles of Mediterranean essence.

Hair: Gema Moreno @ Antonio – Eloy Escuela Profesional

Hair Instagram: @gema_moren @antonioeloyescuela

Hair Assistant: Fran Sobrino @fran_sobrino_

Photography: Edu Gómez @edugomez

MUA: Lulú Pérez @_luluperez_

MUA Assistant: Ariadna Caparrós @ariadna_roji

Styling: Álvaro De Olmedo @alvarodolmedo

Models: Alejandro Ibe Ramos @el_aka.lion

Jorge Celedonio Bermejo Antuña @shoutmase

Slavik Spivak @slavik.spivak

Video: Infodelmedia

Products: Revlon Professional, American Crew

@revlonprofesional_es @americancrew_spain

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