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Kevin Tabilo Joins Kao Salon Division

After 6 years in this beloved industry and having worked for some of the best brands in the industry, I find myself in a new chapter of my life and my career, a career that has come full circle from learning how to be a rep 6 years ago, coming from an e-commerce and internet marketing background to now being the leader of an incredible team as the National Sales Manager for Kao Salon Division.

If you’re not sure what brands I’m talking about, it’s the Goldwell and KMS brands (for now) as we take on an industry that is just now being resurrected after COVID-19 (which is by no means out of our lives) but at least we find ourselves in Level 1 and returning to some semblance of normality after something that has affected us (whether directly or indirectly) and shaken us to our core.

What does that mean for our industry? What does the future of the hairdressing industry hold for us post COVID-19?

Historically it means that the beauty industry is one of the industries that always survives even during the worst times because we know that people will always want to feel beautiful and will do so especially in difficult times because it allows for an escape from their everyday lives. Yes, the spend is different, yes we have to adjust our business models whether you are a supplier or a salon but we also need to have the faith that we will survive and come out better for it.

That leads me to why I joined this incredible company, why I made the jump in one of the worst pandemics of the modern era and it’s simple… I have always believed in taking risks and in taking on challenges that take me out of my comfort zone and this was the next step for my career, to take on these big brands and a much larger team because I believe I can inspire them and inspire you, the hairdresser to join a global family that is headed up by a company that believes in standing by their people and in turn wanting to always be closest to our consumers and customers in each market.

This is the “Kao” way, it is these values and the absolute passion of the hairdressers/guest artists, educators/reps and of course management of the Goldwell and KMS brands that make me believe that we have what it takes to be disruptors in the South African market, that we have what it takes to be the brand leaders in a market that is desperate for leadership and authenticity and of course passion for what it is you do as hairdressers… day in and day out.

My vision for where I want to take our brands into the future is what gets me up in the morning and it is my love for this industry and the clients that we get to interact with on a daily basis that will ensure that we never stay stagnant and that we remain adaptive yet ethical and most importantly at the pulse of hairdressing during the most difficult times so we can continue to grow with you and continue to give you the love and support you need to get through anything that comes our way.

I hope to see you all soon if you are existing stockists and for those of you that want to find out how we plan on inspiring you and your stylists please get in touch and let’s have the conversation… with social distancing and COVID-19 protocols in place of course.

Sincerely yours,

Kevin Tabilo

National Sales Manager

Kao Salon Division

E-mail: kevin.tabilo@kao.com

Cell: 082 560 9688

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